Quilts of a Feather

Done, baby! 

This quilt was specially commissioned to welcome a sweet little bundle into the world. 

Simplified Carpenter's Star baby quilt

Fireside on the back makes this a super cuddly finish. 

Here's the top before quilting:

just the top

And here's the finished quilt, photographed to highlight its feathery, quilty texture.

done, baby!

I love how this turned out, and was so pleased to pass it along to its new, little person. May quilt and child enjoy many delightful adventures together as forever friends!

And then there were more feathers on the frame!

client quilt

I alternated two kinds of feathers in the white areas for interest, and used a wavy grid in the blue for contrast.

From quilt top . . .

before quilting

. . . to feathery quilt!

after quilting

I know, I know. The next quilt isn't feathery. 
So, what's with that title, anyway? Quilts of a feather. Do they even stick together?

client quilt

Ah, well. Nobody's perfect.
Anywho. This quilt needed hearts, so hearts it got. 

I wish the colours were true-to-life in my photo, but sometimes a quilt needs its beauty shot at night. In the dark. With yellow lamplight aimed at the bed. Oh, well. It's a pretty quilt, and my client gets to enjoy its true nature, which is all that really matters!

Oh, hey! My new desk and office cabinet arrived! All the paperwork mess that was strewn around my sewing space (exhibit A) has been tamed! 

Now it's tidy. SUPER tidy. Almost too tidy for words! Everything has been stuffed organized in the cabinet. Appropriate storage makes all the difference.


See the wall hanging? It hung in my room when I was a child. In the 70's. The early seventies. Very early. 
Like, starting with a round number, early. (Ulp.) 

It was the first thing I'd read when my eyes opened in the morning, and the last thing I'd read at night. 

Have a Happy Day
Begin the day with friendliness,
Keep friendly all day long.
Keep in your soul a friendly thought,
In your heart a friendly song.
Have in your mind a word of cheer
For all who come your way,
And they will greet you, too, in turn
And wish you a happy day,

I feel like this poem influenced my spirit in a such a positive way. Plus, when I was in grade two, it reinforced my language arts lessons by reminding me to change the "y" to "i", how to spell "too", and how to use punctuation in a poem!

My new "office" is tucked into a nook in our bonus room, which is actually the bunkroom for our grandsons when they stay over. The wall hanging faces into the room where they can see it. I hope they will absorb the words and lessons inherent in this piece of 70's magic, too.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Try, Learn & Grow!


  1. I Love your poem. When I was in 6th grade (1950's) autograph books were all the rage. I asked my mother to write in mine and this is what she wrote: Smile and the world smiles with you, Kick and you kick alone, For a smile will get you places where a kicker is never known. At 72, I still remember that verse. BTW. LOVE those wavy feathers.

  2. LOL - that wall hanging! It looks so familiar. I wonder if I had one or a friend of mine. Excellent. :-)

    Ah, I love the quilting on the HST quilt. That is a terrific combination.

  3. Gorgeous quilts!! You are still a young pup!!

  4. I am sure you have three very happy clients! Your new desk space looks very tidy and organized. Have a great week!


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