Rear View Mirror

Before entering a new year, I always look back and release the old. Sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's joyful. This annual reflection helps connect my future actions with my deepest values.

Anxious to move on, I started kicking 2020 to the curb in early December. And then I realized that, along with the stress of isolation and cancellations, there were also accomplishments!

 One of my favourites was winning the TrendTex Award in CQA/ACC's TrendTex Challenge. Yay!

Wishing For 2020 Vision, by Carole Gold

My need for - but lack of - bifocals became the inspiration I needed for the 2020 challenge theme. Who knew??

Another 2020 highlight: I'm now an instructor for the CQA/ACC's Quilt Judge Certification Program. This is a huge responsibility, but also an exciting opportunity to support an important program. Judged shows need qualified judges, and I do love a judged show! (see challenge quilt, above - lol!)

Mentoring my two older grandchildren is an annual delight, and 2020 was no different as they both decided to enter the CQA/ACC Youth Challenge once again. No prizes were earned this year, but they both love their quilts, and we all enjoyed our time together. 

Jasper Holiday, by Laina (age 15)

Laina, at the helm!

Slave Lake Adventure, by Riley (age 12)

Riley, concentrating on his applique

And then the province locked down and we all tried to stay safe and healthy. 

Covid 19 rules meant I couldn't accompany my mom into the hospital when she went for surgery one day, but I delivered her to the door. I then needed to hang around in Grande Prairie until she was ready for pick up. 

Off I went to the Art Gallery of Grande Priaire, where I stumbled upon a fascinating installation by Carmen Haakstad.

photo by Carole Gold

photo by Carole Gold

photo by Carole Gold

photo by Carole Gold

photo by Carole Gold

photo by Carole Gold

photo by Carole Gold

While not an accomplishment, after staying home for months on end this gallery experience felt quite magical! It certainly made a good distraction on a worrisome day.

With 2020 firmly in the rear view mirror, it's time to head into the new year with hope and faith that things will improve.

Best wishes for a happy new year.

Try, Learn & Grow -  and remember to be gentle on yourself and others.
xoxo Carole


  1. Thanks for sharing that art installation. Cool! And I LOVE your 2020 vision quilt. It's awesome and funny. :-)

  2. Happy New Year, Carole. May 2021 be kinder to us all. <3

  3. Love wishing for 20/20 vision! Reminds me of a you tube video I saw a few months ago:


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