Top Secret Stuff!

Working on the CQA/ACC's National Juried Show, and all it entails, is private business. 

Since I can't share any of that, how about a shot of the contents of my judging kit? 

Judging Kit

Packed into a lightweight, cross-body bag (to keep my hands free) are two pairs of white gloves (a pair, and a spare), a light-up magnifier, flashlight, tape measure, reducing glass, rounded sticks, pencils, sharpener, eraser, pen, and my official name tag.

I rely on my kit when assessing competition quilts. Pencils are used by scribes, but I carry spares in case we need back up. Pens are a no-no around quilts, but I keep one handy so I'm prepared to sign official paperwork once judgements are made. 

Now, how about a look at my work space?

Without a dedicated office space, paperwork takes over the sewing area in my studio. Yikes!

Paperwork avalanche!

I've decided this will no longer do. 

I'm planning to move my paperwork up into the bonus room as soon as my new desk and lockable storage cabinet arrive. 

I wouldn't worry about locking up if I weren't sharing the space with our grandkids, but I won't risk little hands stirring up my carefully organized papers! (Gah!! The thought makes me cringe.)

Oh, and - Whoop!!! - I pieced something fun! 

And also top secret. (well, it was...ha!)

45 x 45 inches

I'm just waiting for some cozy Fireside to arrive so I can layer it up. 

I don't have a quilting plan for this yet. Any suggestions?

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  1. Judging is quite an undertaking. Better you than me. Good luck and those locking cabinets can't come soon enough

  2. Oh, my, judging a juried show must be so hard!!

  3. Are you able to view quilts in person right now??


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