Vintage Quilt Rescue!

...and maybe a blog rescue, too! 

I do have some exciting news, but it can wait until my next post. I'm in the mood for vintage today!

This treasured cuddle quilt is used every day. Can it be saved? 

I'm not in the business of rescuing quilts, but helping people is in my nature, ya know?

Expectations were realistic. The goal was to extend its life, not to replicate its original form.

The main requests were:
  • add an extra-wide binding (using fabric provided by owner)
  • allow a bit of the original floral fabric to show, if possible

The original sides were wider than the top and bottom, so I was able to trim with the second request in mind.

Binding in progress.

Sides are on! 

The quilt wasn't square, so I opted to bind the sides, custom trim each corner, and then add the top and bottom bindings.

Ends were folded, tucked, and stitched for a tidy finish:

Mission accomplished! This quilt went home with a very happy person!

Try, Learn & Grow!


  1. Oh, well done. It's great that the blocks and center of the quilt are still in such good condition.

  2. Ooh, wow, it has been a while! :-) They picked a great fabric for the binding. Nice work, and yay for a saved quilt!


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