I've gone DIGITAL!

Computer-Guided, Digital Quilting Means:

  • faster turn-around time for pantographs
  • instant access to a HUGE selection of digital quilting designs
  • quilting designs can be scaled to suit the size of the piecing
  • can stitch more precise, complex designs with ease

in the studio FreshofftheFrame.com

AND, my feet are happier! I can stitch for more hours in a day without aggravating those puppies.

I'm still able to guide my machine by hand, and will continue to do so for custom work. 

custom quilting by FreshofftheFrame.com

custom quilting by FreshofftheFrame.com

Once I master the Quilt Path program, though, I'll be able to use the computerized system to help with custom quilting, too! 

Meanwhile . . . Pantographs!

In addition to the tried and true pantos I've always offered, my clients and I are having fun with new design choices like these:

Chicken Wire

chicken wire panto stitched by FreshofftheFrame.com

Billowy (sized up)

Billowy panto stitched by FreshofftheFrame.com

Sew Fun! (sized down)

Sew Fun stitched by FreshofftheFrame.com

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge stitched by FreshofftheFrame.com

Chicago (sized up)

Chicago stitched by FreshofftheFrame.com

Yippee Ki Yay

Yippee Ki Yay stitched by FreshofftheFrame.com

So, that's my exciting news! I'm one step closer to my fantasy of being in two places at once. Yippee!

Try, Learn & Grow!

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  1. Oh, that's huge! Looks like the learning curve is going well so far. And let me know when you really sort out how to be in two places at once. :)


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