Wednesday, 19 November 2014

HOPpY Alberta Day!

Blogathon Canada hoppers, welcome to Alberta!

The weather I dream of, now that winter is here...this was taken in September.
Typically I blog about current projects, but today it seems like a good idea to show bits of work from the past year. 

As you will notice, I quilt everything to death. I can't help myself! All that quilty texture makes me weak in the knees!

Kool Kaleidoscope
CLICK HERE for more about this quilt
For more about these projects, please click on the links provided with the pictures.

Crazy Curves quilt
See more about it HERE

Scrappy Plus
To see it finished, CLICK HERE

River Project panel

Hand dyes
More about that in THIS POST

The start of Irish Lass
Piecing it HERE
CLICK HERE for the finished quilt

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  1. Your quilts are just wonderful! I know what you mean about all that quilty texture. Makes me feel the same.

  2. Your work is just lovely , such a broad range of quilts , thanks for sharing !

  3. Loving all that texture! So so pretty. You are so skilled!

  4. Your quilting is really great. Is it done on a long arm. I'm in awe.

  5. Wow lovely quilts and quilting. I love your picture of Alberta! Looks gorgeous!!

  6. Hoppy Alberta day, Carole! It's always a pleasure to see what you're working on. I absolutely adore that River project piece. And those hand dyed fabrics are gorgeous. Especially in those blocks you made. Looking forward to seeing the progress on them!

  7. I was waiting especially for your post on this blog hop! Beautiful quilts and fabrics!

  8. Carole, you do fabulous quilts - I love your kaleidoscope quilt- the colors are fabulous and the quilting is amazing- such intricate designs in it. I have made that pattern- it was a fun experience and I am pleased with how it turned out- I love his designs - especially the convergent pattern.. I have not done any of my own designing but I like Ricky Tims to explore some less traditional ways of doing things.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop- Hope that you meet some wonderful new quilters and blogs on your journey.
    Regards from Edmonton,

  9. Wow, love your quilting and so enjoyed your 'about me' - delightful.

  10. What a great show you put on today. Incredible quilting. I'm with you, I love seeing the texture of something quilted to death, I think it actually brings it life. Maybe we should start referring to it as quilting the life back in it!!

  11. I like how you quilt the hack out of each quilt :)


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