Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summer Rambles

Quilty Ramble
What do you do when a piece is too wide for your frame? Get creative!

Part One - Load it sideways and baste it to death.

Baste, baste, baste!

Part Two - Turn the quilt and reload it with one end folded in. Tuck towels between the sandwich and the frame to keep the piecing lines straight where they want to waver. Choose a spot in the pantograph to break the thread so starts and stops will be hidden. Quilt the available section - work from top to bottom as usual.

Right hand side is folded in so left hand section can be quilted.

Part Three - Load the quilt a third time, folding in the end that was just quilted. Match up the pantograph and finish the quilting.

Left hand side is folded in so right hand section can be quilted.

Now the quilting design flows with the piecing on this king-sized bed runner!

All trimmed up!

I'm very pleased with how beautifully this worked out.

Nice and square

Happily, its smaller companion - a matching window seat cover (to be) - easily fit on the frame. Whew!

Garden Ramble
My little potato patch is happy!

They grew!

I recently saw this watering setup in someone else's garden - I'm planning to shamelessly copy the idea.

No need to move hoses from zone to zone when you can feed multiple sprinkler heads - a twist of the wrist is all it would take to water the whole garden. Brilliant!

Stealin' this idea!

My snapdragon seedlings weren't in bloom when I bought them, so I had no idea what colours would pop.
So far, I'm delighted!

Vancouver Ramble
We went house hunting for Brynne and Derrick last week. We were incredibly lucky to find a place on the first day. (Family to the rescue!) Since we'd planned three days in the city, we suddenly had time to be tourists!

A visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery was a must. There was a Picasso exhibit, but photography of his work was prohibited. Details about his life were abundant, and I must admit to having uncharitable thoughts about the man behind the art. Right or wrong, I pictured him as an energy vampire, sucking the youth from his lovers before they were discarded. (Sorry Picasso fans!)

The gallery has a rotunda at its core. This photo was taken from the third floor, and captures a mere fraction of an untitled installation by Barbara Kruger. It was fascinating in its bold simplicity, in part because it had to be experienced from many perspectives for its message to be fully appreciated.

Installation in the rotunda. Barbara Kruger, artist.

Bharti Kehr created a life sized piece called Six Women by casting the bodies of sex workers living in India. To be allowed close scrutiny of these six women created an unexpected intimacy that had nothing to do with nudity and everything to do with being human.

To quote the artist, "These six individuals provide not only an arresting and unapologetic representation of the aging female body as a counterpoint to social pressures to stay forever young, but they also serve as witnesses to the disregard for women who have obliged the patriarchy."

Six Women. Bharti Kehr, artist.

We had a delicious lunch at a Peruvian restaurant in Gastown. As we were paying the tab, the Gastown steam clock alerted us to its presence - turns out it was barely two storefronts away!

Gastown steam clock
We were on the go from morning til night, zooming around the metropolitan area. We would always forget about rush hour until we were in it. *face palm*

Regardless, we always found our destination.

I was disappointed when a gallery featuring work by Judy Villett and Terry Aske was closed when it should have been open, however . . . 

Oh no!

. . . right next door was a beautiful park with a petting zoo! Who could resist???

This guy liked his ears scratched.

An hour later (maybe more?) we checked back at the gallery, just in case.
It was OPEN!!!

Art quilts @ Queen's Park Gallery, New Westminster, BC

There's much more to tell, but this is already a crazy-long post.
(Aptly named "rambles", so you were warned! ;-) ) 

Totem Pole @ Queen's Park Gallery, New Westminster, BC

As always,

Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Very creative way to load and deal with a very wide quilt. I definitely would have been tempted to quilt it loaded the other orientation... ;)

  2. Clever! (but then, we knew that :-)
    Being tourists was so much better than house hunting. Yay for finding something so quickly!! What I can see of that art quilt is amazing. That birch tree (I think its birch?) I hope you'll be sharing more from the gallery?

  3. I love watching you get creative, whether it's sewing, gardening or spending time with family.

  4. Looks like a very satisfying trip all round, I have to say I'm not a big Picasso fan either!


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