Thursday, 4 May 2017

Quilting Feline Friends

Simple borders and a panel came together to make a truly striking quilt.

Client quilt

I forgot to take a proper "before" photo, so this will have to do - the borders were ditched, but the panel wasn't started.

"Before" quilting the panel

A moment of uncertainty struck as I pondered what to stitch, and what to leave. In the end I decided to outline everything. Including those teeny, tiny bees! (How could I not?)

Starting to outline the images

Accuracy was important on the cats' faces and on the insects, but on the flowers and leaves I deliberately "missed" a tiny bit to add a sketchy sense of movement.
To make the red frame puff out, I quilted a pretend frame around it. I like how the flower on the left overlaps the pretend frame, yet is separated by it.

This view shows the panel after quilting. I left the red frames unquilted so they would puff up and help highlight the cats.

Since a variety of designs were used in the panel, I felt free to have fun in the borders, too!

My client says it is Purr-fect! (Which made my day on so many levels!) :-D

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  1. Nice work! That Cat panel is gorgeous, do you know what it is called?

  2. Beautiful quilting! Your ghost frame is a brilliant idea.

  3. Yet another example of how your quilting brought a quilt to life!! Excellent job :-) I think my favorite element is the butterfly flying across the frame from the (tall) flower. Well, also the dance of the bees :-)

  4. Georgeous. A simple panel transformed. love how you have quilted this and yes i think it is Purr-fect as well!

  5. Your quilting really made this quilt extra beautiful!

  6. The quilting is so perfect! I love all the fun touches you added like the bees flight path. But I really like the design you did in the big red border. Can you share how you stitched that?

  7. Wonderful! Now I want to run to my studio and start piecing up one of my panels so I can try some of your techniques :) I do love how simple panel graphics can leave lots of nice space for FMQ embellishments.

  8. You know, when I see panel prints in the shops they never appeal to me, but when they are quilted the way you did this cat panel, they look really cool! You did a great job.

  9. You've really brought this quilt to life. Beautiful.

  10. I love it--so fun! Your quilting really adds to the feel of the panel!


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