June Goals

Only a day left before the goal setting party for ALYoF closes. Is it the last minute yet??? June is whipping by so quickly.

My ONE goal is to finish this quilt made by my Mom:

I draped it over some furniture and waited for it to tell me what to do. 

It gave no hints. Nuttin. Nada.

Since I was stuck, I decided to file ideas I'd pulled from magazines. (See my organizational system here.) Maybe inspiration would strike.

The distraction worked! An idea came to me for one little piece of the puzzle, so I loaded up and got started.

I chalked a binding line so my feather tips won't get sewn away later.
Funky feathers suit this whimsical quilt!

The black and white prints are the hardest to figure out. I still have no clue.

 Any suggestions???

Barring a light bulb moment, I plan to scribble different things and see what works best. I hope my Mom is in a forgiving mood when she sees it, 'cause I'm not ripping anything out!

Sub Goals

1. Quilt this guy:

2. Work on my Guild challenge

Today I pulled fabric from my stash, including one I painted last summer that will make a striking sky.

3. Have surgery (and recover!)

In 2008 I had a mastectomy, and finally made it to the top of the waiting list for reconstruction in November, 2013. (I blogged about the first surgery here. WARNING...the photos are explicit, so only click if you can handle the straight goods.)

This surgery will finish the process, and represents the end of a long journey.

4. Prepare for another trip to Sisters, Oregon! 

Woo Hoo!!! I'm so excited, I can't stand it! Five days of classes with international teachers await! 

This was my suitcase last year. I still had to squeeze in some clothes, but the class supplies were the important thing!

I think that's it for now! 

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  1. Your mom's quilt is FAB! Is that the Sewing with Nancy big block pattern?? Absolutely love your fabric! I just hate it when a quilt refuses to speak to me! ;) What about a feather design working its way through those big blocks? Maybe once you have what you are doing (looks fabulous BTW) completed the rest will come to you as you work. . .

    Good luck with your surgery. Several years ago I took a friend to have reconstructive surgery. When I went into the recovery room she was soo out of it she asked me to marry her! (she was with it enough to add, only if something happens to our husbands) LOL We still laugh about it.

  2. Love the funky feathers! The black and white fabrics are fun, maybe echo the prints? For example, maybe some diagonally placed straight line stitching grid on the tile pattern and some funky flowers?

    Good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes well and you recover quickly!

  3. Your quilting is just great! I really have a thing for any kind of feathers :-) I would suggest the same thing as Yvonne for quilting. Just something subtle which won't clash with the prints. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for sharing a little walk through the process of figuring out what to do. You really study your quilts before quilting. Your notebook of ideas is wonderful. You don't do a quilting design on a quilt that doesn't perfectly fit. I wish I could help you decide what to do with the black and white and I wish I could. Show us what you decide;)

  5. I am impressed as always by your goal setting and completing Carole. Your mom's quilt is fun and I like what you've done so far. What is the guild challenge you are working on?

    I have started gathering my supplies for Sisters and can hardly wait to see you! In the meantime I will be keeping good thoughts for you during your surgery.

  6. That quilt is awesome! It doesn't look to me like you have any trouble figuring out how to quilt it. Looks great.

  7. For those black and white flowers, I think I'd do a large, echoing floral motif the imitates the floral design in the fabric, like a chrysanthemum. Fun quilts. Wow - you're going to have fun with that next quilt, too - it's a beauty!


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