Mmm, Yummy....Frog!

Exercises completed since my last post (which also explains the purpose for the exercises):

Line exercises x 4

These small explorations are rather fun to do. I think the trick is knowing when to stop adding lines!

Compositions with line.

Make a twelve-step colour wheel that includes tints and shades

Fabric choices for colour wheel.

Twelve-step colour wheel with tints and shades.

Make gray scales in both solids and prints

Twelve-step colour wheel and two gray scales.

Create two compositions using prescribed shapes (one with focal point) 

I'm too tired to go and take a picture of the other one right now, so this one will have to do.

Circular composition with focal point.

Monochromatic composition with focal point

This exercise called for seven values of a single colour.

7 values of one colour.

A little "fabric map" kept me from getting things mixed up.

Staying on track.

I based this exercise on a photo I'd taken a few years ago.

Monochromatic composition with focal point.

I think I like it better in this orientation. Maybe. It's hard to tell after a while!

A different orientation.

In addition, there's a pretty client quilt on my frame waiting for a finish, and I've been diligent about hitting the gym three times a week. Yay!

I'm a bit tuckered out tonight, but it feels great to be chewing through my huge, slimy frog. 
(Ha! That sounds soooo delightful!) 

Leonie Dawson planted the frog-eating reference in my brain. She advises goal setters to do one big, difficult task first thing in the morning. That task is rather like eating a frog. Not something you look forward to but, if you must, it's best to get it over with so you can enjoy the rest of your day. 

I won't belabour the metaphor in future posts, but this Judge Certification Programme prep work is definitely my gigantic, hairy "frog". A bit intimidating, definitely challenging, but mandatory if I want to reach my goal. Mmm, Yummy....Frog!

I hope you are having a happy and productive week!

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Try, Learn, Grow!

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  1. Looks like you are doing your best to keep in shape.... Both physically and artistically! That rose is simply stunning, Carole. Much prettier than the image of swallowing a frog. Hahaha!

  2. Your talents and insight are mind boggling! Love your exercises and the rose, well, it's so gorgeous I can smell its fragrance!

  3. The rose is stunning, and I agree that I like it in the second orientation. The line exercises look interesting and fun, and the color wheel turned out great. How awesome that you have been able to exercise 3 times a week - it is a commitment that can be easy to let fall to the wayside.

  4. You've got so much done, I'm having a not a lot of energy, lazy day today so I'm now feeling very unproductive! I love your rose, it's just gorgeous.

  5. Congrats on completing these exercises. Your rose is simply stunning. And your color wheel and value scales are impressive. Kind of reminds me of my high school art class.

  6. What great exercises! I love your rose. I make a cheat-sheet with fabric snips when I do applique. Sure helps keep everything straight when there are similar colors. Happy frogging!

  7. Wow! Everything looks terrific! I've started following

  8. Holy wow, girl! You have accomplished a LOT of frog chewing since your last post!! All of these exercises are really interesting. Your rose is absolutely stunning!!! I like the second orientation too. Keep chewing, you are making great progress!! :)

  9. That is a lot of wonderful work! It's a bit like the art work I've had to do for my City & Guilds course. Some of it is rather a chore, but in the end I look back with pleasure on everything I've learned, even from the "frogs".

  10. Maybe you could make Frog Stew and kinda mix things up once in awhile! Your rose is gorgeous - I like the first position best. Keep at that exercise! That's my frog!

  11. Goodness you've been BUSY! Well done for achieving so much. Your rose is beautiful.

  12. I had no idea what goes into a judge certification program! Your work is splendid! I always learn so much looking at how others put together a color wheel or a gradation with fabric--and I think it's neat that you can raid your mother's stash. The rose is gorgeous!


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