Workshop Weekend - Works In Progress

Our guild brought in Margie Davidson to lead a workshop called "Patchwork Playtime".

The idea was to create a quilt by building around an inspiration fabric, block, or panel.

Inspiration fabrics - mine is the green fern leaf, which I had painted a few years back in a different "Margie" workshop!

We started by graphing out a rough idea for the quilt size and shape, and figured out how many theme, complex, and simple blocks we would need.

We then created some patchwork to throw at the design wall along with our inspiration fabrics.

Piecing patchwork to try with my piece.

Once we had something to work with, we moved bits and pieces around to see what we liked. At this stage, things seemed a bit "messy" because nothing was settled. We just pieced and played.

Here's how things started shaping up on our design walls:

My Mom's "swinging monkey" inspiration fabric, and the beginnings of her patchwork jungle.

Lois' inspiration fabric reminded her of northern lights.

Icy patchwork fills in around Liz's polar animal inspiration fabric.

Chris' batik beauty glowed like stained glass with the light coming through the window behind her design wall!

Hey, look! Another leaf!
Jill had purchased this one from Margie last time she visited our guild,
and now is a perfect time to use it.

Aralee took this opportunity to make a quilt that's been in her head for years.
A curved piecing lesson set her free!

Alice took the plunge and cut her African panel apart.
She decided to work with the giraffe, and busily pieced blocks that support her colour scheme.

Shonna's WIP started with a Christmas print. It is destined to become a table runner.

Margaret's piece started with a large-scale print that begged to be shown off.

Hildegard incorporated her inspiration fabric into some of her blocks
(it's the one in the center of the top, left block).

The bird fabric was Dayna's inspiration.

Sarah framed up her inspiration fabric and started filling in with colourful patchwork.

Vivian was inspired by her horse panel - her support fabrics remind me of leather!

My leaf, so far.

At our guild meeting TWO days later, Dayna showed her finished piece!!!
(Though, she'd just come from swimming so didn't want to show her face...)
Dayna's finished piece!

Vivian also came with her project pieced and ready to quilt!
She used curved piecing to frame up the panel, which I think was the perfect touch.

Good work, you two! (Now the rest of us feel like slackers! Ha!)

House Quilt Update

Remember the quilt we made for the Rotary House fundraiser?
(click here for close-ups of the quilting)

Where Hearts Come Home
48" x 60"

Our little quilt raised $1,350.00 for the cause!!!   Yay!!!

Fresh off the Frame This Week (so far!)

This sweet baby quilt is now finished!
My client told me the top had been in her cupboard (waiting to be quilted) for so long that the recipient is now 15 months old, so finished is good. Ha!

It is the perfect size for him to snuggle and drag around...I doubt he will mind that it's a wee bit later than planned!


On another note, I have finally recovered from that darn virus that has plagued me for the last month!
On Sunday I suddenly felt less miserable, and by Monday I felt HUMAN again - oh joy!!!

Thanks so much to those of you who sent good wishes for my recovery. Mission accomplished!

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! I was really beginning to worry about you! That is awesome that the house quilt brought in so much :-) (Did the buyer keep it??)
    I would like to do some workshops someday.... It's interesting to see how different everyone's looks with the same guidance and instruction (besides just the fabric choices...)
    Quit slackin' and finish yours ;-)

  2. Congrats on the house quilt! That is absolutely awesome!!

    Oh man, the quilts you showed from the workshop are absolutely awesome! SO glad you didn't ask us to pick a favorite ;) As I scrolled down I thought that one is my fav. . . scroll, no that one. . . scroll no that one. . . you get the point! LOL I have a fat quarter that is super cool and I just can't cut it. This might be the answer!! :)

    So glad you are feeling better!!

  3. So glad you are feeling better. I love the workshop. So much inspiration. I look forward to seeing yours finished

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling human I love the diverse results of the workshop and congrats on having such a success with the house quilt. The baby quilt is adorable. I bet you felt like cuddling under it over the past month.

  5. I'd love to go to a workshop like that. Interesting to see all the variety of fabrics and where everyone was going with them.

  6. Thanks for making us all look so good!

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling better, there have been some really nasty and lingering bugs going around this side of the ocean this Autumn, and obviously it's been the same your side. Hope you've squeezed a bit of time in on your fern leaf quilt, we need to see it finished! You always go to great workshops, and sounds like you have a lovely bunch of ladies also part of that.


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