The Story of Brynne's Quilt

Brynne's scrappy quilt made it from northern Alberta to Arizona just in time for Christmas!

Brynne and her folks in action!

It all started when Brynne (our son Derrick's lovely girlfriend) decided to rescue some special fabrics from her grandmother's stash.

Some of Brynne's fabrics.

I'd volunteered to make memory quilts for her and her family, but Brynne surprised me by wanting to help.

What??? You want to learn to quilt?

OH, YAH!!!

As soon as we had a plan, Brynne got a crash course in cutting, how to use a sewing machine, and how to piece the ear/body units for the "regular kitty" blocks. (Click here for more on our first session.)

We worked hard and fast so she could learn what she needed before her visit was over. She left with a borrowed machine and homework! She would sew all of the "regular kitty" ear units, and I would sew their butts (it's a glam life for me!). I'd also look after the "tiny kitty" and the "stacked kitty" blocks since we were out of time for more lessons.

Here is our "before" design wall, full of kitty parts!
(We raided my scrap bins to round out our palette.)

Oh, and Brynne also drew three, important "tiny kitty" blocks for her Mom - they represent special family pets.

Two kitties drawn, but not yet pieced.

Third drawing, pieced.
When Brynne returned for a visit in October, we started putting things together. We set up in the basement and worked like crazy again!

Brynne & Derrick.

Brynne pieced her first row! (Which was actually the bottom row of the quilt - ha!)

Ta Dahhh!

We finished piecing the rows, and made plans for the borders, backing, quilting, and binding. Distance is always an issue, so Brynne left the quilt with me for finishing.

Ready for borders. it is, Fresh off the Frame!
(Brynne chose the wrought iron panto. I think it is purr-fect!)

Daisy Kingdom fabric was a favourite of Brynne's grandmother. There was almost enough of this print for the back of the quilt. A bit of creative piecing made it work!

Quilt back.

And, finally, here it is - bound and ready to go.


We discussed possibilities every step of the way, but I left every creative decision to Brynne. I think she made excellent choices. It sure would have been easy to keep this for myself . . .

 . . . but this picture of Brynne's mother tells me the quilt is right where it belongs!

Enjoying one of the kitties drawn by her daughter.
A grandmother's fabrics, through a granddaughter's hands, to wrap a mother and father in love.

Circle, complete.

In case you are wondering, I did manage to finish this client quilt before Christmas, ripping and all!
Giant, "floofy" feathers (similar to those in the blocks) helped fill the borders, along with more back-and-forth loops to finish things off. I think it will look fantastic when the binding goes on!

Floofy feathers with back-and-forth loops in the borders.

And, lest you think we neglected celebrating the is a bit of my husband's handiwork to prove otherwise!

I'd rather have eggnog, but Chuck's rein-beer were awfully cute! (Perfect for that Boxing Day potluck, don'tcha think? Ho ho ho!)

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  1. Great cooperation! You both done well! Happy New Year!

  2. "Circle complete!" Indeed! What an engaging, heartwarming story! Beautiful! Everything! The sentiment, the colors, the design, the quilting, the cooperation, the excitement - and the final presentation! Love it all!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Love the "Circle, complete line Carole. Brynne is going to be bit by the quilting bug after the reaction she had from her parents. You two make a great team! The kitty quilt is so wonderful! I love seeing more of the process too.

    Beautiful quilting on both quilts! And the reinbeer are very funny!

  4. What a wonderful gift filled with memories! I hope Brynne makes more quilts just as special.

    Carole, that will be treasured for years to come.
    wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! 🎉

  5. What an awesome finish and I just love that photograph of Brynne's mother on the floor admiring the detail of the quilt. That is a heart melting photo. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and a wonderful and joyous 2016!

  6. Oh my gosh, what an awesome cat quilt! You guys did an amazing job, and I too love the photo of her mom on the quilt finding the special kitties. What pattern did you use for the blocks? And your husbands Rein-beer are really fun, I'm going to show my husband that for next year.

  7. If I didn't have my coffee in my hands - I would have clapped with joy when I saw the title of your post in my feed! I have been waiting for this :-) And what a lovely post it was! I didn't know the quilt was to be a gift!! That makes it that much sweeter. That last picture brought tears to my eyes. It makes all the work worth it, to know it will be so loved, doesn't it?!

    1. p.s. the reinbeer are cute, and excellent finish on the client quilt (I'm second guessing myself on the pattern - it's not a DWR is it?)

  8. Such a sweet story and finish. I love the cat quilt!

  9. Sweet story. i have made quils in the last few years from squares my grandmother made before she died FORTY years ago. I remember some of the fabrics were from clothes she made for herself. They are so special. Love the kitties.

  10. How fun for you, and her. Years ago when I wanted to start quilting, I selected a similar pattern with kitties. Never did anything with it. Maybe one day. So fun to have your family involved in your quilting adventures. Glad you got the ripping out and a finish that you're happy with on that blue quilt. Happy New Year to you!

  11. What a special quilt!! Thanks for sharing the story of it. =)

  12. How could anyone not love a kitty quilt and a wonderful story to go with it.

  13. Ahhh, I love those photos of Brynne's, they made me feel quite emotional and have to blink rapidly. The quilt you made together is just beautiful, and so special. I'm sure Brynne must have been so happy with how it turned out too. Has she got the quilting bug now? Will there be more collaborations?


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