Fanciful Flowers

Fresh off the Frame!
After ditching the vertical rows, stitching down the applique, and then quilting in some whimsical details, I used echo quilting to fill the remaining spaces in the body of this client quilt.

Here is what it looked like before quilting.

And, this is one of my favourite views - only the kitty faces left to stitch.

Almost done!

The quilting density was determined, in part, by the amount of stitching needed to secure the grass along two edges of the quilt. Consistency across the quilt helps things lay nicely.

Securing the applique was an important step.

A slightly denser, "fabric eating" filler controls the fabric immediately adjacent to the grass where things wanted to ripple.

Sweet kitty smiles!
The vertical sashing was kept simple to allow some breathing space in the design. I'd originally intended to fill it with cute, little insects, but the quilt called for something geometric instead.

Fanciful flowers
The cozy, flannel backing has cornered the market on cute bugs, anyway!
I hope this quilt will be loved - I'm still nervous with every, single reveal! (I get how emotionally invested people are in their projects, and never, ever want to disappoint, ya know?)

House Update
The guys are framing our bonus room down on the main floor, and tomorrow it will be hoisted into place above the garage.

Framing the bonus room

Okay, so we are not strictly sticking to the "everything on one level" plan. Just mostly, with the odd exception. Ha!

Since my studio eliminated two bedrooms on the main floor, this space will become a bunkhouse for our grandchildren -  and they can run up and down the stairs!

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  1. Adorable! Amazing details, as usual!!

  2. I love that the quilts speak to you about what they want, too. I like the simple geometry in the rows, it brings a bit of calm to the quilt. Beautifully done! And wow, it is so exciting to see your home being built. :)

  3. The quilting is spectacular!! (How many hours did you spend on it?) I can't imagine your client not being completely thrilled! But yes - I get the nerves. Every time I make a commissioned quilt, I worry that I may have incorrectly interpreted their wishes... It's always such a relief to hear "I LOVE it" when it's finally in their hands!
    (so - none of the applique was stitched down when the quilt arrived??)
    The house!!! :-) so exciting! And overwhelming.... ;-)

  4. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

    1. Thanks so much, Marla!
      Your address came up as "no reply", so I couldn't send a personal email. I hope you see this, and know that your comment is appreciated!!!

  5. Awesome quilting--you really brought this quilt to life!

    1. I agree! I love the variety...yet balance of the variety of quilting used. You added such another dimension to this quilt.

  6. Wow - just fused applique when it came to you? You did more than half this quilt. How could anyone not love it? Such a lot of work - gorgeous!

  7. Those kitty faces are absolutely perfect and the quilting is stupendous. I have to keep coming up with new words to describe your work.

  8. This quilt turned out amazingly adorable! Having mostly everything on one floor will be great!

  9. Pretty incredible! And excellent post. As a beginner FMQer, I appreciate reading about the thought process you went through to determine your choices. I am very interested in knowing how many hours it took, if you don't mind sharing. Thank you! ~karen

  10. Wow , just wow , you really did an incredible job on the quilting and the quilt is adorable, your client will be extra pleased with your efforts.

  11. Wow , just wow , you really did an incredible job on the quilting and the quilt is adorable, your client will be extra pleased with your efforts.

  12. Holy moly! This is a really beautiful quilt. I love the whimsy and the fun that stitched into the quilt. Who would not be thrilled with it? You should not worry about a reveal.

    Bright idea to let the grands enjoy the stairs. (Plus, you have a built-in exerciser. lol)

  13. You do such amazing and sensitive and thoughtful quilting Carole! If we didn't live in different countries, I'd be sending you quilts to quilt left and right!

    That's a great idea to put the grandchildren's bunk room upstairs. They'll love it.

  14. That has to be the cutest quilt ever !!!! Your quilting is amazing.... your client will be thrilled.

  15. Beautiful! The quilting adds so much!


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