February Goals

ONE: Release Stacks of Magazines

...freeing up precious space currently devoted to storage! I`ll keep pages that interest me, and pass the rest along. Others can harvest what they would like before the junk is recycled.

Pile of ideas!

I use four binders to keep my personal learning library organized: Techniques, Inspiration, Classes, &  Long Arming.

A table of contents in each binder allows me to access the ideas. Notes are easy to keep on loose leaf, and I simply slip magazine pages into plastic page protectors.

I love my binders!

TWO: Finish "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin" quilt

My grandchildren came to stay with me right after I loaded this baby. Tomorrow they both have school, so maybe...

Waiting patiently to be quilted.

THREE: Finish at least one small project from my "clean up" bin

Miscellaneous small projects gathered up during "the great sewing room clean-up of 2014".
Click here to see "before" the great clean-up, and here for "after".

FOUR: Work on Scrappy Plus quilt

I've managed to sneak downstairs twice since the arrival of my grands, so have started the scrap quilt I'd pledged to do for The Library Project Quilt Along.


Today I'm linking up with Sew BitterSweet Designs' February Goal Party for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Hop on over and take a look around. Maybe even join the fun! What are your February goals?

Try, Learn, Grow


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  1. Lot's of goals for this month! I am finishing a postage stamp quilt this month :)

    1. Oooh, and I thought cutting several hundred two n a half inch squares was a task! Looking forward to seeing it, Adrienne.

  2. I love your binder categories. I was trying to sort mine with too many subjects.

    Can't wait to see your log cabin quilted;such fun colours Carole.

    1. Before I came up with this system I'd tried using a file box - hopeless. I'd file things (using a million folders) and then never look at them again. They were too hard to access. Now I use my binders all the time.
      Have fun re-discovering your treasures as you simplify!

  3. Looks like you have some great goals. Your binding organization system is awesome!

    1. Former teacher-librarian here. Thank goodness all that training and experience hasn't gone to waste! Ha!
      Thanks for popping over, Melissa.


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