Friday, 11 April 2014

Meeting the Green Fairy!

Judi Madsen is the Green Fairy of Green Fairy Quilts. If you haven't spent time on her blog, get thee over there, pronto! It will be so worth the trip!

Sharing a chuckle with Judi.

Judi demonstrating feathers.

Bradie and Matt of Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton hosted the workshop. (Thank you, Sparrows!)

Even though there were 22 people in class, we were each able to try stitiching the designs we were learning. This step is important for building muscle memory, but I must say, my work suffers when I'm not using my own machine!

My sad looking funky feather.
My sewing partner and I struggled with our borrowed machine all morning on day one until I finally asked Matt to take a look and see what was going on. A few quick adjustments and things went much better. 

Floating star done in one continuous line.
A very cool design!
Judi has a view of space and design that changes everything about a quilt. She creates secondary designs in even the most traditional quilts, giving them a modern twist. Check out her work on Pinterest for a sampling of her mad skillz!

One of Judi's gorgeous class samples.

I can't wait to get home and try what I've learned on my own turf. It will be great to have the home field advantage!

The class was fabulous, and I highly recommend working with Judi. If you ever have the chance, jump at it!

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Try, Learn, Grow!

P.S. As Judi was drawing a filler design yesterday, she drew two swirls and a clamshell. She said, "Oh! That looks like a bug!", added antennae, and we all had a laugh.

After erasing it, she tried again...and drew exactly the same thing!
We roared!
Soo...this morning we found this on the white board:


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  1. WOW how awesome to go and do a long arm workshop!! How exciting. All those different designs. Looks like heaps of fun...

    1. It was a fantastic opportunity! Looking at Judi's quilts, alone, was inspiring and educational...never mind the 16 hours of instruction! I spotted several variations of a filler design I learned from Judi's book, and when I spotted them I thought, "What a great idea...I could actually DO that!!!" And then we learned soooo much more from Judi, herself. So exciting!

  2. I know what you mean about quilting on a different machine than you're used to - glad you got it figured out. Judi is great, isn't she? What fun designs to practice.

    1. We had a blast with Judi. I really enjoyed her sense of ha ha, and love a light-hearted instructor. It makes class so much fun. We learned a TON of new designs, and got a peek into Judi's imagination as she discussed how she might quilt various blocks and quilt tops that students supplied. Have you been able to use what you learned when you took her class? I can see many possibilities for my own projects, that's for sure.

  3. Carole, your are blessed! Wow! To be able to work with knowledgeable instructors and to be able to have a Freedom! Savour every morsel cuz' if I ever get to that stage, I'll be picking your brain for every tidbit of information... lol Enjoy! p.s. is this the saying? - you get what you wish for...

    1. Make stuff happen. It's the only way to get what you wish for!
      Jump on opportunities. Set goals. Work hard. Appreciate blessings and be thankful. And have fun!
      Every day I appreciate being on this beautiful planet with my wonderfully crazy family and friends! Or, maybe I'm the wonderfully crazy one, and they are just wonderful...yep, that's probably it.
      My brain is open for picking any time! p.s. Isn't the saying, "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it!"

  4. Fabulous quilting--even though you thought your feather was funky, I loved it. I love Judi's stuff-so talented. How fun to be able to work with her in such a small setting.

    1. I never thought of it, but you are so right about the small setting! Living in a small town, everything I do is typically crowd-free, so I never even gave this a thought. That was a huge bonus!!! Thanks about the FUN-ky feather. :-)

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely time. I'd love it if Judi came to visit near me. Good for you taking advantage of this class opportunity.

    1. I surely did. Having Judi in Alberta was such a treat - only a 500 km (310 miles) road trip instead of a travel marathon to get to her! I think Judi is off to Australia in the fall, so if you live there ...opportunity knocks!!!
      Hmm. I wonder if she has posted a teaching schedule somewhere on her website? Maybe she WILL be in NM sometime. That would be exciting, wouldn't it!

  6. We do get very attached to the workings of our own machines. The floating star is outstanding and yes, Judy has mad skills. Thanks for sharing the class and the link to her blog.

    1. Oh, my, machine is the best for me! I couldn't get a grip on the borrowed one at all - circles were square and feathers were funky. Regardless, I did glean a TON of ideas to bring home with me so it was still worth it!


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