Sisters Fun, and Class #3

Visiting Sisters, Oregon is so darn much fun! Here are three quick reasons why:

#1. Businesses are extraordinary and distinctly unique. 
Take, for example, the Sisters Motor Lodge where my husband and I stayed. The motel was opened in the late 1930's, so the complex is old. Instead of killing its character, the present owner has gently restored and updated it to keep its charm while adding comfort.

Our adorable kitchenette, right out of the forties!

It's as clean as a whistle, and has beautiful grounds with seating that invites relaxation. Plus it's right downtown, so we walked everywhere. I love it there!

#2. It is a small town chock-full of creative people. 
Chuck and I bumped into Valori Wells at a wine bar one evening. Valori was friendly and chatty and, before I could thank her for organizing, she thanked me for coming all the way to Sisters for Quilters Affair!

After that, we ran into each other a number of times. So often that I eventually declared it was time for us to do a selfie...she agreed!

Valori & me
#3. You never know what you will find! 
My husband and I came across Cinderella's steampunk-style coach and couldn't resist a closer look. It was one of several intriguing assemblages outside a local gallery.

I can't say it enough. There are so many things to discover in Sisters!!! 

On to Class #3: Design with Rosalie Dace

Rosalie Dace is an artist whose work I admire, so I leaped at the opportunity to take her design class!
Elements II: Fire, by Rosalie Dace

We dove right in by choosing a single shape and working through a number of exercises in black and white. As the day went on, we were challenged to add lines, colours, different shapes, etc. until we'd filled a board with design possibilities.

Some of my exercises

Between exercises, Rosalie would show us techniques she uses in her own work.

Sample of facing a circular hole.

On day two, we were invited to make small quilts based on our design exercises. We were also welcome to continue working with paper and glue, doing more design explorations. 

I did neither. 

While listening to Rosalie speak about her work, something 'clicked' and I suddenly started seeing things with fresh eyes. Something happened for me on a deeper level. 

I spent my time harvesting images from old magazines to help me process and cement a budding understanding of abstract art that I can't yet put into words.

I nominate this for "most unflattering picture of the year"!
The lighting was horrible. I assure you we both look much healthier in real life!

It was inspiring to hear Rosalie speak of her process, and to see (and touch!) her work in person. She encouraged photos for personal use, but asked that we not share them. Some of the work she showed in class has not been published yet, so must not be revealed.

I was sad when classes came to a close on Friday. It signaled the end of an exciting week.

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  1. It sounds like you had a "lightbulb" moment. They are precious so I hope you take the time to nurture your idea until it comes to fruition. I on the other hand, will be staring at the picture of your room and figuring out how to make my kitchen look, just like that. I love it. I also love the carriage but I don't think I'll be building one any time soon......but, hey, you never know. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time in Sisters!

  2. Sisters sounds like it was a great vacation for you. And how wonderful for a that moment of deep inspiration! Sisters Motor Lodge looks amazing!

  3. I'm definitely adding Sisters, OR to my someday vacays list! =)

  4. Interesting what you said about something clicking and you can't put it into words yet. Sometimes when I'm walking my dog, I get images or ideas...not all of which stay with me when I'm back!! Will be interesting to see where your vision of Modern Art takes you. Thanks for another great Sisters post. Although online classes are so convenient and inexpensive, taking classes in person is so rewarding on a different level, no?


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