Goin' Buggy!

Quilting continues on the Buggy Barn quilt (first mentioned in this post). 

First, I stitched in the ditch (SID) around each block and added a swirly vine in the border. Then I SID around each star and filled them with swirls, too.

Star Swirls.

After stitching the first star, I traced what I'd stitched onto a page protector. I used the traced design as a visual guide for chalking the remaining stars. I could also glance over at it while I stitched to keep my bearings when the chalk was hard to see.

Chalk is hard to see on the blue star, so my drawing came in handy!

Once the stars were done, the hearts were next. I decided to alternate filling them with "straight" lines (hand guided, not ruled) and "bumpy" lines.

"Straight" lines in heart.
Deliberately "organic" lines work well with the funky, Buggy Barn piecing style.

"Bumpy" lines in heart.

Today I worked on the background, filling the odd shapes with a dense swirl. I like how that design acts as a foil to the line work done in the hearts, but doesn't compete with the star swirls.

The designs seem to work together without competing.
I must confess - I tried one other background filler in a block, but don't love it. It would probably take four hours to rip out (it's tiny and dense), so unless it sticks out like a sore thumb, it's staying in the quilt. Maybe I can tell myself that it adds character! Ha!
Tomorrow will tell.

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  1. Love your quilting choices on this! I just love the swirls in the stars and the 'organic' quilting in the background is perfect! Can't wait to see this one finished!

  2. I am crazy excited to see this done!!!!

  3. Beautiful work, the swirly vines are lovely!

  4. I love the stars inside the hearts. What a clever pattern! The quilting is just perfect!

  5. I would love to have just half your quilting skills! Either that or have you live down the road so I could pass all my quilts to you. It's all looking beautiful, I especially like those dense swirls.

  6. So gorgeous! A buggy barn star is on my bucket list, so I am thrilled to see how you quilted this.

  7. I hope to be as good as you someday!

  8. Love the quilting! So fun to see all the different designs you've chosen. Beautiful work.

  9. Your quilting is simply amazing!

  10. I am a great fan of 'organic' hand guided lines - I think the quilting just breaths more.
    I sympathize with the idea of ripping out FMQ. Without thinking I started with the wrong design in an area and was miles away happily quilting before I realised. I am half way through ripping it out and now wish I had left it but it's too late to turn back.

  11. Love the quilting! Looking so pretty!

  12. Hello Carole,

    Lots of lovely movement in the quilting. The quilt will be really wonderful when it is finished. Such a shame about the dilemma of whether to unpick...

    Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv


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