The Christmas Crunch is On

That means a pile of gorgeous client quilts has arrived! 

I've practically lived at my frame this week, making sure deadlines will be met. If I lag behind now, things will get ugly later - and we can't have that!

The variety of quilts passing through my hands is so enjoyable. I love all the different colours and styles. 

Here is Darlene's batik beauty, fresh off the frame.

Here is one of Marie's quilts, all trimmed and ready to bind. I have been eyeballing this one, trying to figure out how it is pieced. It looks complex, but it's simpler than one would think! Cool beans!

Another of Marie's quilts. This one features beautiful, textured, stretchy, Japanese fabrics...! Marie said it was frustrating to work with, and "never again" will she piece with it!

Despite the challenges, it looks great quilted with the Seagrass Braid panto.


Currently on the frame - a lively quilt with a retro feel!

On the frame today

And, for my next trick...(haha!)

My sweet husband mentioned that his company is initiating a Secret Santa program. It's intended to offer a seasonal lift to employees experiencing difficult life circumstances. 

I know how encouraging it is to be on the receiving end of a care package, so it took all of three seconds to blurt my support!!! 

Since we were still in the city when this conversation took place, we immediately headed to the quilt shop. I had an idea that might work! 

Hubby helped choose six feature fabrics from the seasonal display, and I found suitable backings in the bargain bin.

My big plan is to quilt one meter chunks of seasonal fabrics, like this...

...and then cut the quilted chunks into three runner-sized pieces, like this...

...bind them and call them done! 
 I think they will add a bit of cheer to the care packages.

Deadline: December 1st. (eep!)

Did I mention that I've finally finished piecing my Harmony Quilt (a.k.a. Crazy Impulse Quilt), started back in September? 

Well, it's true! See? It even has borders!

After quilting, the diagonal edges will fold back and become 3-D curves.
I also pieced a backing and a flange binding. 

Flange binding, ready to go!

My tentative plan is to quilt this on the frame, and possibly finish the 3-D curves with the longarm, as well. 

If that is a total disaster (entirely possible), I'll do the curves on my domestic machine instead. (It's always wise to have a plan B, isn't it?)

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  1. It sounds like you are really keeping on top of things right now. I hope that it continues to move smoothly along!

  2. I love your quilting on all those beautiful quilts. You are very busy. Great idea with the runners!

  3. Lovely quilts! About the one with the Japanese fabrics--isn't it neat how quilting pulls everything together and smooths it all out?

  4. Carole, you are up to all sorts of fun things! Beautiful work with your quilting! It must be fun to see what customers bring.

  5. I love your quilt, I wish I could see more of it, but from what I set is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. GOD bless. P.S. the other quilts are beautiful too. sorry did not mean to imply any thin else.

  6. Wow! Your quilting is beautiful as always. And I love the idea of the table runners. They will bring some Christmas beauty to the recipients.

  7. Wow, you look like you're busy! Great idea with the runners, always good when you can get your husband to want you to buy fabric and then spend time sewing it!

  8. Good luck with the deadlines, Carole! The Christmas table runners look fun.

    Thank you for linking up with free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv

  9. I've had such a lovely visit to your blog. It's such a great idea to make those table runners - and I love the fabrics you chose; they will be well received. ^^

  10. Oh my GOODNESS, Carol! You have your hands full... And are doing a fabulous job of getting things done. Love your idea for making those table runners. They are going to be sweet! Love that flanged binding. Keep up the great work!

  11. Those are some beautiful quilts you have gotten to work on! I came across your blog through Blogathon Canada. I will return!

  12. Stopping by from the blogathon today and enjoyed my visit. What an awesome idea for the Secret Santa project - I'm sure they will bring smiles to many faces. Your work is lovely and the name of your blog - totally clever! Thanks for posting!

  13. Lovely quilt. And a flange eh?! It will be extra special.

  14. Sounds like you have been busy!


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