Playing Catch Up

Warning: Picture Heavy Post!

I'm catching up after laying low with a stupid cold. (And, ugh, what a bug.)

Circle Quilt Progress

Last week Amy and Adrienne designed Amy's circle quilt. With both of them working, it was laid out in no time!

Amy on the left, and Adrienne on the right.

These two friends work together like a well-oiled machine, and it was fun to see them in action.

First draft - getting all the blocks on the wall for consideration.

It still astonishes me that both of them can work on the same quilt with such excellent results. Two quilters with the exact-same-seam-allowance is an anomaly, but here's proof. . . 

Sewing blocks together, together!

. . . the first two rows went together beautifully (not to mention the blocks they both sewed!). Amazing!

First two rows are together - yay!

I've since heard that all the rows are together (already!!!), and Amy is shopping for border fabric. (And this is why I often wish there were two of me!!!) This adventure will soon continue!

The Grandparent Generation

Oh, dear. I'm at the age where my friends are becoming grandparents! 

Okay, so I've been a granny for almost ten years (yipes!), but when your friends join the club it drives home the fact that you are now in the grandparent generation!

Anywhoo . . . a baby girl recently arrived, so I decided to finish a pretty quilt that's been waiting for someone special. Some of you may remember it from this post.

Baby quilt on the frame.

I printed a picture of the quilt top and stuck it in a plastic page protector so I could doodle design ideas on it with an erasable marker. 

Once I had a plan, I made a little "quilting map" to take into the studio with me. Even though each block is different, I hoped feathers would tie everything together.

Quilting "map".

It is hard to see the quilting on some of the prints, so here is a shot of the back. You can match the quilting with the plan if you imagine flipping the diagram like a book page.

Baby quilt, back view.

Now I wish I'd added a bit more quilting to that one block (upper right in the photo above) - but it doesn't bother me enough to actually do more! 

I was trying to keep the quilting loose and soft. 


Oh, why did I think that was possible???   I just. can't. do it.

I love the wishbone quilting in the sashing and border. This is the first time I've tried it, but it won't be the last!

The hearts were carefully hand appliqued with silk thread. A sensible quilter might have quilted around them so they would pop out, but I decided they needed feathers instead.

Now, I wonder where I hid the binding that belongs on this quilt? Time for a treasure hunt!

Fresh off the Frame

Pauline's scrap quilt:

Kailei's quilt is going to make a fantastic cuddle quilt for the little boy who receives it.

The back view really shows the quilting. Super fun!

The Last Laugh

We celebrated my husband's birthday last night, which meant another silly selfie! It's always fun to pile on for this little birthday ritual.

Besides, when your husband is "allergic" to having his photo taken, a loving choke hold is really the only option! Ha!

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  1. good morning, and I love all these quilts-awesome colors that pop, great patterns, and love your quilting-happy weekend Kathy

  2. I for one really enjoyed your 'picture heavy' post. Great to see before and after photos.....quilting surely does make the quilt doesn't it? I don't enjoy piecing, and the thought of curved seams makes my hands I need to tell you how much I loved the circle many colors/fabric patterns/ etc. so well incorporated into one quilt!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better now. I know the yucky-I've had my cold going on 3 weeks. But looks like you have lots accomplished now!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! I tried that wishbone border quilting pattern recently for the first time too, on a Valentine table topper. I liked it a lot as well. Wonderful quilts!

  5. I love the birthday selfies that you take; so much fun! There were so many drunkard's path quilts at QuiltCon; that is really starting to be a trend like the hexie quilts. The baby quilt quilting looks so wonderful. I hope you find that binding soon!

  6. Looks like holding your husband down was a group effort - WTG! Lots of good work you've been doing. Glad you're feeling better.

  7. Love all the quilts. I am taken with the first one with the circles. Glad to know another quilter who is in the just becoming a grandparent group. Hope your husband had a great birthday.

  8. I love seeing how you have quilted the quilts as it transforms a quilt. The baby quilt is beautifully quilted. Happy birthday to your husband.

  9. Hello Carole,

    Great picture of the Seam Allowance Sisters.

    The baby quilt turned out really well. I love the way you have packed in so many quilting designs into such a small quilt.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  10. Inspiring! I love the backing on that baby quilt especially.

  11. It sounds like maybe you're getting the better of that cold at last??? Fingers crossed. And all the quilts are beautiful as ever, but the baby girl quilting just looks amazing. I need 2 of me as well, and the other me needs your quilting skills!


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