Chew, Chew, Swallow!

Whew! The more I have on my plate, the faster the world seems to spin! 

I recently assessed the work I need to complete for the CQA Judge Certification Programme. 

The list.

I then plotted my other commitments on the calendar, and counted available "working" days. That may have been a mistake.

Cue a wave of Mild Hysteria. 

Deep breath. Deep breath. DEEP breath. (SERENITY NOW!!!)

Worse, I realized that I've been procrastinating. I'm only thirty pages into an 80 page job! (Though I do have the required reading under my belt, so that's something.)

Required reading.

Why am I dragging my feet? 

Fear. There is a lot of fear to swallow while I eat this frog. Will my work be good enough? Will I make the cut and be accepted as an Apprentice? It's all about being judged, myself!
(yeah, I see the irony here. Ha!)

How to get back into eating the frog (doing the work)?

TAKE ONE LITTLE BITE AT A TIME. Pick an exercise, and carry on!

But first, to soothe myself, I quilted Tracy's gorgeous Swoon quilt.

Here is the "Before" shot:

Tracy's Swoon, before quilting.

Here it is, Fresh off the Frame:

The back is as delightful as the front!

And then I bound the baby quilt that will be delivered in a couple of weeks.

SEE??? Master Procrastinator!

Baby quilt, bound and ready.

The binding was ready, so this task didn't take very long . . . and, it did feel great to finish something.

Finally, using "success momentum", I dove into Making a Colour Wheel

My stash alone was not up to this task, so I dug in to my drapery and home decor samples. When I'd sorted them by colour over a year ago, I had no idea they'd come in so handy!!!

Home Dec fabric TREASURE!!!

I used my colour tool to help me select the PURE colour, the LIGHTEST* tint, and the DARKEST* shade to fill out a twelve-step colour wheel.

*lightest and darkest possible, based on available choices.

Red-Orange selection.

After I'd exhausted my own stash and ransacked my Treasure Box of home dec fabrics, I was short of violets. 

(Can you tell which fabric is a placeholder? I used it to mark where the violet range should be. Hint, it's a print!)

I needed to visit my Mom's stash!!! Without a doubt, her impressive stash would fill in the gaps. In fact, Mom had already given me a KONA roll to help with this exercise, so her stash has basically saved my bacon.

Auditioning choices at my Mom's.
I was also able to replace a couple of the home dec fabrics with quilting cottons. Their sheen made the value appear to change depending on viewing angle and lighting, which I found distracting.

Today I will finish my colour wheel and start working on the next exercise. Chomp, chomp, chew.

Exciting News!

My Inukshuk quilt has been accepted into the National Juried Show!!!

I'm so excited!!! It will be quite a thrill to see it hanging in the show. I can't wait!

For the record, I swallowed my fear when submitting my quilt to this show, too. Chew, Chew, Swallow!

My March goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes, even though I MISSED THE LINK UP, is to work through at least TEN Judge Certification exercises before the end of the month.

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Try, Learn, Grow!

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  1. Congratulations on having your quilt accepted into the show; that is great news! I think that it is great you have someone else's stash to pull from to help on occasion. :)

  2. Congratulations on your quilt being accepted, see what happens when you swallow that fear?! I'm sure feeling like you're behind with your judging programme is linked to having had that horrible bug for so long, so you mustn't be too hard on yourself. Ten exercises sounds like quite a lot for one month, but hopefully you'll get a couple done quickly and be on a roll with them. Good luck!

  3. A big congratulations on having your quilt accepted into a show, you must be so pleased. Wow you've been busy, busy,busy I think you are so right about taking things one step at a time so you don't get overwhelmed by everything you need to do. Keep at it!!

  4. So much to say... First congrats on having your quilt in the show. Next, that swoon is definitely swoon-worthy. And lastly, wow! I had no idea you had so much to do as part of your judging training/application. How long do you have to work on it? Oh! I almost forgot. That baby quilt is super cute.

  5. You really have been busy! I have to tak my procrastinator hat off and bow to you. :-) You seem to have madethe most of your time. I'm curious to know more about your quilting. What tips can you offer a novice long armer?

  6. You really have been busy! I have to tak my procrastinator hat off and bow to you. :-) You seem to have madethe most of your time. I'm curious to know more about your quilting. What tips can you offer a novice long armer?


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