Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Project Parade!

#1 - Laina's First Quilt!

My granddaughter is making a quilt for the CQA Youth Challenge. The theme of the challenge is "My favourite game or sport".

The challenge allows any kind of quilt, as long as the theme and challenge fabric are represented. Laina decided on an art quilt. (An ART quilt! Atta girl!!!)

After tossing around a number of ideas, she came up with a concept she likes. I am her teacher as she learns the tools, but she is definitely in charge of her project!

Working with the challenge fabric.
This girl is fearless, and knows her own mind. All I have to do is get out of her way!

She was quick to reject fabric she didn't like, and absolutely certain about the ones she chose. Was I that self assured at her age? Maybe.

Making choices was easy for Laina. The dotty bit is the challenge fabric.

She's very focused, and her top went together quickly. In fact, next week it goes under the needle.
Laina is going to learn how to longarm!

My grandson also wants to make a quilt for the challenge. Once Laina is done, he will have his turn. He wasn't as quick to come up with a plan, but by the time she's done, he should be ready.

#2 - Cushion covers and pot holders - with no particular deadline, BUT with a (patiently) waiting client.
These have been nagging at my brain since early summer, and have been pieced for at least a month. Why, oh, why did the thought of quilting these seem like such a chore??? Oh, brain, you are a mysterious creature.

Doing the job took far less energy than thinking about it!

#3 - Brynne's Scrappy Quilt!
My part is done and I'm ready for Brynne's next visit!
She is working on ears. I got the butts. Yup, it's a glamorous life for me!

(Click here to meet Brynne and learn more about this project)

#4 - Paper-piecing class samples.
This has been on my radar for months. It's exhausting to think about something for so long without taking action! Happily, I've now made samples that illustrate various stages of the process, and it's finally time to check this puppy off the list!


#5 - A particular custom quilt that needed a plan...
Ideas have been rolling around in my brain since a special wedding quilt arrived about a month ago, but nothing seemed quite right. Today, as I was doodling for something completely different, a solution popped into my head! Needless to say, I dropped everything and loaded the quilt! (Picture not shown - later, I promise!)

When work doesn't look like work!

#6 - Samples for upcoming Professional Development workshops.
Nothing exciting to show yet, but the doodling is part of it! Even baby steps toward completion are better than standing still.

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Try, Learn, & Grow!
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  1. I love it when other longarmers show a bit of how they come up with designs - doodling is always a good thing!! Love what Laina is working on and can't wait to see the finished product!! Kids are so fearless - no one has told them they are doing it wrong or that they can't do something "that" way!! Love watching them create!!

  2. How awesome to be teaching another generation about quilting. It sounds like your granddaughter is a natural. :) And how interesting that we get in our own way so often, glad that you are making progress on things that were mentally stumping you before.

  3. Thanks for linking up. There's LOTS going on in YOUR sewing room. Fun FUN!

  4. I believe most children, given the chance to express themselves, are fearless. The insecurities seem to comes as we get older. I love that you're taking the time to give them that chance. I can't wait to see what they do for the YC. It's great to see your WIPs.

  5. You have been busy. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who over-thinks things.

  6. Laina has very good taste in combining fabrics. I can't wait to hear how the long arming goes. Gosh you have been doing to many exciting things lately Carole! Love the paper pieced leaf! And that doodle for the wedding quilt - it will be amazing to see how that influenced your design!

  7. Your granddaughter's fabric choices are great. I cannot wait to see what she does with them!

  8. I can't wait to see Laina's quilt ~ she is just going after it, huh?! That is awesome!! My Lexi has those same strong opinions and surety. The way she, at 6, sees things amazes me. She sees color and patterns that most adults miss. She loves to help me lay out my quilts, and I have to say, she is actually quite helpful to the process (and has been for a couple of years!)
    Oh my goodness ~ I know just exactly what you mean! The 'exertion' from dreading something is so much worse than the doing of it. Since I KNOW this, I try to remember to just DO IT already! But I still forget....
    Brynne's quilt ~ Can't wait til she comes to visit again and you get it all put together. What fun! (you had the butts - haha :-)
    Congrats on your progress on so many projects!! So much good stuff :-) (Can't wait to see those graffiti doodles translated to quilting, either)

  9. I have a feeling Laina's quilt is going to be amazing, what a lovely experience for both of you. Children are just naturally so good at diving in there. The only problem we sometimes have here is when they have a very clear image of what they want it to look like finished and their skill level isn't quite getting them to how good they want it to look. Do you get that with yours ever or are expectations/ability all matched up beautifully? Life is sounding as busy as ever with you, hopefully happy, productive busy with all your breakthroughs - but please get on with that wedding quilt because I want to see it!


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