Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Nose Only Grew A Little...

I told a lie of omission today.
What else could I do?
We wanted to surprise our friend, Carol, with a special quilt. I didn't want to spill the beans, so had to be a wee bit devious. (You try getting everyone in the same room without being devious!)

Carol joined me for lunch today - a day on which our quilting friends planned to meet and sew (muahaha - perfect!).
After lunch, I told Carol that I needed to drop off a quilt for someone at the meeting. Would she like to come in and say "hi" to everyone?
Carol has been sick so I wasn't sure she'd be up for it, but she was!

Little did she know, the quilt I was "dropping off" was for her!

Many hugs, smiles, and tears later, Carol posed for a photo with her new quilt.

Carol with her quilt of love

Every block was made with love, and we hope she feels our hugs whenever she snuggles with it.

The Quilt Story
Friends contributed blocks, and then we had a work bee, adding the green frames and piecing the top, back, and binding.

Work bee, in progress

With everything ready to go, it was time to choose a panto that wouldn't compete with the hearts.

A couple of quilting possibilities...

I selected Drunken Feathers for its scale, density, and curvaceous nature.
It's one of my favourite pantos because it adds texture without becoming a distraction.

Rolling the finished quilt off the frame
Here's the quilt, fresh off the frame!

Beautiful blocks overflowed onto the back, as well!

It went off to Shonna for binding, and then came back to me for its final wash.
I fluffed it in the dryer until it was damp, and then laid it flat to finish drying.
The light was just right to catch its crinkly goodness, so I couldn't resist taking one last photo!

Freshly washed and dried

Here's what my block looked like before quilting.
(To see my post on doodle quilting, click here)

And, here it is in the quilt.

Carol has a soft spot for chickens, so Liz added a couple to her block, just for fun!

Sarah made her block (below) while on holiday in Scotland. She sent it home with my Mom, a fellow traveler, so it would be here in time for our project. Now, that is a good friend!

There are many little treats in store for Carol when she starts exploring her quilt.

For example, she'll find delightful, needle felted centers in Shonna's flowers . . .

. . . and hearts, on hearts, on hearts dancing across my Mom's fun block!

Each block has a signature to look for as well. Some are clearly visible, and some are trickier to discover!
(Good luck with that, Carol! Ha!)

One of the special things about a quilt like this is how well the blocks work together. If even one were missing, it just wouldn't be as perfect.

Well done, quilting friends. Well done.

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  1. What a spectacular quilt, love it! Your friend is lucky to have such wonderful people care about her. Beautiful!

  2. Carole, you and your group did a fabulous job on creating such a heart warming quilt for a special person. Well done everyone! I hope Carol returns to good health soon.

  3. What a special quilt for Carol. I sure hope it brings her love and infuses her with energy.

  4. I love it! What a fantastic job you all did, and you KNOW Carol will cherish it forever!! What fun she'll have exploring all of its surprises :-) I think you chose the perfect panto for it. I'm not always the biggest fan of pantos because, well, they are so panto-y, but this one totally complements the quilt
    I would have been able to pick out your block (at least I think I would have - I didn't try to first...) which makes me happy for some silly reason. Or - maybe it was that the block reminded me of your giraffe, and THAT made me happy - not the fact that I could've identified your block... who knows ;-)
    Sounds like you are 100% back to yourself ~ that makes me happy too!

  5. My heart is warm and happy all over, after reading your post Carole! It's a beautiful thing that you and your friends did! a beautiful quilt too!

    1. I totally agree! Love each and every heart. THANKS for sharing with us.

  6. Lovely story. Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt with us.

  7. What a really special quilt, I'm sure it will fill her with warmth right from the inside.

  8. I'm sure she forgave your deviousness. Her smile says it all. It truly is a beautiful quilt full of love.

  9. What a lovely gesture to make for a special friend. Hope she feels well soon.

  10. Oh, Carole, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous and based on Carol's smile, I think all is forgiven! ;) With all of the love and the special bits people have sewn in, it is sure to provide comfort and healing!

  11. A beautiful story and a magnificent quilt but nothing beats the smile on Carol's face.


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