Thursday, 3 March 2016

Love, in various forms

Lucky me! 
Brynne made me a work apron with lots of pockets - perfect for holding sewing tools.

Brynne made me a beautiful work apron!

I love that it's personalized with a Batty Bat applique!

Batty Bat applique makes me smile!

Batty Bat is practically a member of our family. He has quite a personality, and is loved by at least three generations!

When she was six, Laina sewed scraps into clothes for Batty Bat.
I love my apron. It makes me happy every morning when I head to work! Thank you, Brynne!

Such cheerful fabrics!

Youth Challenge Update
Please visit the Canadian Quilters' Association Youth Challenge and VOTE for your favourite quilt. The quilts are fun to see, everyone is welcome to vote (no need to be a member), and it is an easy click to have your say! The theme is "My Favourite Game or Sport", and the challenge fabric is a turqoise-y blue with dots. Enjoy the show!

Granddaughter Update
Hubby and I gave Laina a special, fire-retardant blanket for Christmas so she can be cozy - and safe - by the campfire as she hangs out with her Girl Guide friends. Last week Laina and I whacked a hole in it, and made a comfy poncho that is much easier to wear than a blanket! We up-cycled an old turtleneck sweater of my Mom's, so the neck is nice and soft, and it's easy to pull on and off.

Camp blanket, turned poncho

We also sewed on the crests that Laina has collected in her Guiding travels. Actually, they are so crazy tough to stitch that I took pity on Laina and did them by machine. She positioned them and kept me company as I worked.

She could have done the sewing, but would have had to pivot and stuff the whole blanket through the machine as she sewed around each badge. I cheated (and saved several hours) and used the free-motion setting to make the whole process easier. She needed the blanket for the weekend, so time was of the essence.

Camp blankets are purely recreational, so it is completely ethical for me to have helped in this capacity! If this were part of her program, SHE would have done everything herself. As it is, we've agreed that she will sew on new crests as she receives them so they won't turn into such a monster of a job. 

Hubby Had a Birthday
It was a biggie, so his work colleagues asked for torture-fodder in the form of old pictures. I happily obliged, and they created a wickedly funny PowerPoint, and proceeded to plaster their work place with various posters wishing Chuck a happy 60th.

I was kind and only supplied dignified photos - a fact I mention every day when Chuck shows up with another pile of confiscated posters! Ha!

Here is my hunny in his early years. What could possibly be embarrassing about this sweet baby face? (muahaha!)


 Or this cutie patootie?


 Or this hunka teenage hotness!


There were more, but we will fast forward to a more recent photo . . . Happy Birthday, Chuckie!!! Just be glad you rate all that extra attention at work - not everyone gets that kind of press!


Oh, and this was the photo his buddies used on his cake - I told you they like him!

He brought me the piece with his face on it. Hmm. What do you suppose that meant? I took it as a sign of love, kinda like a penguin pebble. Ha! ;-)

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  1. Lots of love going on! You always have such a happy, family vibe. Happy Birthday to Chuck. And I love the apron too.

  2. Ahh! Camp blankets. My daughter had one (and still has I think) absolutely covered in patches from all over. I remember traipsing around in England to buy her some from there. Also remember sewing the wretched things on for her, both by hand and machine. These days I sew on patches to the grand daughters camp blankets. I think I will draw the line if ever my great-grand daughter arrives with one! LOL

  3. So much love in this post. I am especially fond of the Batty Bat embroidery you received, how wonderful to have your family share memories. :)

  4. I love the apron! What a thoughtful gift!! Turning the camp blanket into a poncho? clever! Patches are especially tricky to sew on. What do they back those things with?! Happy birthday to your hubby :-)
    (have you gotten any emails from me in the past few months? You haven't replied to last 4 or 5 I've sent. Not that you have to, mind you, but it's unlike you to have not replied to ANY of them... so I am wondering if perhaps they've not arrived? Some were replies to blog comments and some just 'fresh' emails. hmmmm)

  5. oh man ~ there are some really great quilts in the challenge! I'm not sure I can pick a favorite...

  6. Fun post with lots of love :) Congrats to your man!

  7. I agree with Vera, that was a fun post with lots of love.

  8. I seriously love the bat appliqué and story behind it. Happy belated birthday to your husband.


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