Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Quilt Parade!

As promised, I've been working on client quilts in earnest this week!

Freehand hearts and flowers run rampant on this vibrant baby quilt.

Another one by the same quilter - so bright and cheerful!

Modern Twist finishes this scrappy beauty.

The next one will be a grad gift for a client's grandchild - such a special gift to give and receive.

Blue thread over the embroidery doesn't interfere with the motifs on the "train" quilt.

We have had some gorgeous weather this spring - unusually warm - which means . . . flowers!!!
Well, flowering shrubs, anyway!

I took a picture of the tippy top of our flowering plum because I thought the branches were pretty against the sky. The whole shrub was swarming with (happy) bees, so I didn't hang around for long.

Also a spring thing - I'd saved some chocolate tomatoes (for seed) in the fridge over the winter. Very scientifically, I might add - thrown in a bowl with a note on top saying not to eat them. I stuck their sad-looking remains in some dirt in March, moistened the works, and waited. And waited.

Last week some green clusters popped up! Each cluster came from the seeds in a single tomato. There are a lot of seeds in one little fruit.

Not all the tomatoes have sprouted - only 5 clusters out of 15 possible - but I consider this experiment to be quite a success...all things considered. (I feel obliged to remind you of its scientific validity. Ha!)

I will let the plants grow a bit before attempting to untangle their roots and separate them. If even a couple are successful we will have tomatoes coming out our ears - they are heavy producers of delicious cherry tomatoes. Wish me luck!

Try, Learn, & Grow!
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  1. What a beautiful parade of quilts. I need to try combining the hearts and flowers. I have always done one or the other, but the combo is adorable!

  2. This was such a fun and happy parade! Your quilting is lovely and finishes the quilts perfectly. Good luck with those tomatoes - I love your scientific methods! :)

  3. Loving all the inspiration and colour. How have I never heard of chocolate tomatoes???

  4. That was a fabulous parade :-) thanks for sharing. (Baby will love those prairie points - you, I imagine did not...;-)
    I think your scientific experiment was quite clever and I look forward to watching the tomato progression. I will be entirely dependent of the kindness and generosity of others for homegrown goodies this year...

  5. I've been wondering what you've been up to. I enjoyed your parade of quilts.

  6. Hooray! Your chocolate tomatoes made it! I used to start my own heirloom tomatoes every year - under shop lights in the basement.
    Carole - the way you finish quilts to compliment the design is always a joy to see!

  7. I especially love those bright ones at the start. And hurray for the power of seeds! Hope they're still doing well. I recently ate a bought tomato which tasted a bit funny and when I looked the seeds were sprouting green inside the perfectly good, healthy looking tomato. Seeds are incredible things, really didn't do anything for the taste though!


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