Friday, 1 July 2016

On the Move

When I was fighting cancer, we bought a condo in the city. At the time I was too scared to feel excited about it, but I was deeply grateful for it.

We had two more children to cycle through higher education (one was already finished), and I was too exhausted to even think about moving kids around every year.

Our most recent grad, Derrick

At first, the condo provided security and comfort for me as I underwent the final weeks of radiation, and then it sheltered our boys, in turn.

Over time, it became a convenience my husband and I used at every opportunity. We enjoyed everything from football games, to concerts, to learning opportunities; and it was a lifesaver throughout the lengthy reconstructive process (which took six years of appointments and waiting, by the way...unreal).

First reconstructive surgery, 2013
Feeling pretty rough, here.

Our youngest recently finished his degree (congratulations, Derrick!), so we have sold our home-away-from-home. We practically yanked it out from under our young man, packing up and moving just three days after his last exam! (Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!)

I'm going to miss that place, but selling was always in the cards.

Moving forward, we have Derrick and Brynne with us for a few weeks until they head to the coast for their next adventure!

Picking up where we left off last time she was here, Brynne trimmed her quilt, nice and square...and then couldn't resist a quick test run - ha!

Test run! (Yep, it's comfy!)

She added binding and a label, and got 'er done!

Brynne's finished quilt

While we were in the city we took a look at the latest mural project Brynne helped with - sprucing up a community garden! The garden is fenced, but I managed to peek through and get a shot of Brynne's artwork (the veggie lady on the pink background). The murals transform a utilitarian space into something quite magical.

Peeking through the fence

As part of the project, kids from the neighbourhood helped dress the street-side of the fence with painted pickets.

Painted pickets tell many stories

Lots of pickets!

Street view of the garden

This little gem in the heart of Edmonton is quite a feast for the eye, the soul, and (eventually) the tummy!

Do you think that's Batman?

Fresh off the Frame
A sneak peek . . . I'll tell the tale (tail? ha!) once this is in the hands of its owner.

Splish, splash!

Until next time,

Try, Learn, & Grow!

I let my flowers grow with wild abandon!


  1. Here's to overcoming! Brilliant idea getting the condo and it served it's purpose beautifully! I had no idea how long the reconstructive process took! I've got a bass guitar the same color as Derrick's, but I'm sure he can play much better than me. I can't ever get away from my sewing machine long enough to practice!I adore Brynne's quilt AND her artwork. Two fabulous young adults you have there! Thanks for the sharing and for the beautiful pics Carole.

  2. You scared me! I thought you were moving from here!!!

    1. Oops! Sorry!! Not going anywhere. :-) Thanks for wanting to keep me around!

  3. Hooray for you Carole, kicking that cancer in the butt! What a long journey to being well again. The condo sounds like it was the perfect way to fill many needs.
    Congratulations to Derrick on his graduation and to Brynne on her quilt! You must be so proud of them! The community garden looks wonderful and Brynne's vegetable lady is very fitting. :)
    I'm intrigued by the glimpse of "Splish Splash"!

  4. I'm so glad that your cancer is so far in the past now that you can let the condo go. It sounds like it served you well and I hope that life will continue to go forward and many more wonderful memories - like Brynne testing out her quilt on your floor - continue to spring up. :)

  5. That sounds like it was a very tough time, happily it also sounds like it made you stronger than ever. Did it help give you your positive attitude or was that something which you always had in bucketloads? That garden is amazing in every way, what a special project to be involved with, and I love the tail,looking forward to hearing more about that.

  6. Selling the condo is like opening a new chapter. I hope it's a happy one. Brynne is TALENTED. I love the veggie lady and the quilt is beautiful.

  7. I hope you stay well and you keep on making the pretty things you do! Hugs! xx

  8. So glad you won the fight!! 6 years?!? that's awful!
    Brynne just happened to match her quilt, huh? cute :-) The community garden and all the artwork is fabulous!!! Congrats on moving forward. XO
    ~ Tracy


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