Friday, 14 July 2017

"Down and Dirty" Custom Quilting

My client requested quilting around - rather than over top of - the curved block centers. This idea spearheaded the entire quilting plan.

I'd originally decided to outline the centers with stitch, but hated the look of the first one. Instead I decided to use fillers to pop them up.

Much better!

Swirls and wavy lines in this block...

To keep the budget in check, there is no ditching in the quilt AT ALL.

Instead, the quilting fills the space right up to, or over, the seams so they are effectively secured. I call this approach to custom quilting, Down and Dirty! (aka - Fast and FUN!)

Alternating swirls and pebbles in the blocks added interest - swirly designs seemed to work with the space theme of the quilt!

Pebbles in the next...and so on!

Even though the quilting in each block varies, framing all of them with wishbones makes them feel like they belong together!

Swirls and wishbones from the blocks are repeated in the borders - larger in scale - but they further unify the parts of the quilt.

Repeating motifs in a different scale adds a sense of unity

Simple S-curves were used in the striped sashing...they are impossible to see from the front of the quilt - but they're there, I promise!

Quilt back


Ready to quilt



Try, Learn, & Grow!


  1. Looks wonderful, great design for the quilting.

  2. I love how quilting adds definition and brings a quilt to life. Beautiful work!

  3. It looks super! I love that black and white, impossible to see the quilting on, fabric!

  4. Looks great, Carole! You really made it work around those center pieces.

    I zoomed in to peer at how you make your wishbones go around the corners. I love that motif and want to learn how to use it more.

  5. Looks magnificent! I'll bet your customer was very happy with her quilt!

  6. Fun quilting! The center certainly pop :)

  7. What an interesting quilt. You are right - the swirls look great with the space theme. The "poofy" curved blocks in the center are very cool.


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