Saturday, 6 January 2018

An Abundance of Canadian Content!

In case you were wondering, a maple leaf pantograph looks fantastic stitched over maple leaf piecing!

Maple Syrup panto

This is what my son, Derrick, would call "meta maple leaves" - ha!

Two of these beautiful "150" quilts crossed my frame in time for Christmas. They were destined for sisters, so names were worked into the stitching - - - to prevent future arguments, I assume!

Personalization worked into the panto

So cozy!

Fireside backing = cuddly soft!

Next up was a striking red and white quilt, also celebrating Canada's 150th. This one will hang in the permanent collection of a nearby community's Fine Arts Centre, and I'm thrilled it arrived in my studio for quilting! 

The Canadian Sampler, designed by Sew Sisters

A feathery panto was chosen to complement the piecing while respecting the budget, and the result is gorgeous! This quilt will hang beautifully for years to come. :-)

Drunken Feathers panto

I snuck the next one onto the frame over the holiday - such a fun pattern, with its dancing squares!

Strip Your Stash, by GE Designs

The wool batting had come folded and rolled into a package, as it sometimes does, so needed time to "relax" once it was unfolded.

Yikes! The manufacturer is Not Gentle when bagging their product.

The folds and ripples didn't completely disappear, but things did improve over time. (I felt no need to rush over the holiday, anyway.)

Methinks bagged batting is Not happy batting

With a little extra care, the quilt came out just great! (If I do say so myself! ha!)
The combination of wool batting and Fireside backing makes this a very cozy quilt, too. 

Halcyon panto

Meanwhile, our Guild show is up @ the DMI Gallery in the library, and GUESS WHAT???
My clients generously loaned FIREFLY DANCE for the duration of the show!!!
(Psst - click the link for its story!)

Guild show @ the gallery - ends January 11

Last day for viewing is January 11, so please visit SOON if you'd like to see our work!

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(I'm doing the happy dance over successfully wrangling that batting - WHOOP WHOOP!)

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  1. Gorgeous quilts! I have that Halcyon panto too and use it a lot!! I also have another maple leaf one called Maple Dance that is perfect on fall color quilts.

  2. Firefly dance looks beautiful on display! Looks like you had some fun projects to quilt over the holidays, and I definitely agree that bagged batting is not happy batting.

  3. Oo, it's hard to choose a favorite in this post! Those Canadian pieces are just lovely, all that red and white :) But I'm a full color kinda gal, so those Dancing Squares are really fun. Great job on all the quilting to make each top really come to life!

  4. Oh, I hate (well, that's a strong word, maybe I extremely, one-hundred percent, totally dislike) packaged batting, lol! I've had batting that looks like that too and thought maybe I should have ironed it before I loaded the quilt. What a pain! Glad you got it to behave whilst quilting it. Your projects are great! I really like the maple leaf quilt hanging to the left of your Firefly Dance.

  5. You are just knocking things off the list in this new year! :-) You're right - the maple leaf panto on a maple leaf quilt IS fantastic! I really like the drunken feather too though.
    I wish I could see firefly dance in person. sigh.

  6. Your quilting is perfect as usual! Keep up the good job!


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