"Do or Die!"

Our littlest grandchild seems to pick up every bug going around - - - which he then "generously" shares with us.
Last time we thought maybe it was the plague. ugh. (And the poor little monkey is sick again with something new.)

Anyway, for me it's meant slow going in the quilting department. The same quilt that was on the frame last week is still there, waiting for its big finish.

This is the "before" shot - it's actually about 3/4 finished in real life.

This was my view while recovering:

This book, suggested by Tracy, was perfect for taking my mind off my misery.

After a couple of books (well, three) my head became less muzzy, so back to the studio I went.

But not to the frame.

At the last minute, I decided to make a mini quilt to submit to a show. IF it's done in time.
The deadline is the 31st.
Of January.
I know.
What. was. I. thinking?

Little stars will finish at 2 inches, while the larger ones will finish at a whopping four!


Amazingly, it is pieced and I've started the quilting. Tomorrow it's do or die!
(If I don't make the deadline the idea of entering will die - not me I hope!)

Wish me good luck!
(and, please tell me I'm not the only nut to do these crazy, spontaneous projects!)

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  1. oh, yes, you are not alone with crazy spontaneous projects! I had one like that last summer. Yours looks like it will be cute! And the quilt on the frame is pretty - I can't wait to see what your quilting does to it!

  2. Gosh, I hope you're feeling 100% again! With a project dealine like that, you must be, lol!

  3. nope, you are not the only one to squeeeeze out a finish!

  4. Hope you all get better soon! I believe you made it on time!

  5. Crazy, spontaneous projects. That's why we end up with so many things to do. But it's fun!

  6. I am catching up on my reading after being away for a few days. I hope that whatever happened you enjoyed a bit of quilting and are feeling better!


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