Thursday, 11 January 2018

Making Progress


The kidlet isn't quite a toddler yet -  so it's still acceptable to send a baby quilt as a gift, right??

I made it 42" square - just right for a child to drag around, I think.

As I quilted, bits of minky were pulled to the front of the quilt. Not everywhere, just in places.

I'm puzzled by it.

The top fabric had a super tight weave, so I expected the needle to punch holes in it.
What I didn't expect was the minky to pop up through those holes! (And, only sometimes...weird.)

I thought the problem might disappear when the quilt was washed.
Nope. Still pokies here and there.

But I've decided not to worry about it too much. The quilt is cute and cuddly, and I'm guessing the baby won't care, either! Next time I'll prewash the fabric and see if that makes a difference.

Instead of securing the binding by hand, I tried a preprogrammed machine stitch. I love the look and feel of it!

Now to get it sent before the kid grows a beard. Ha!

Fresh off the Frame
(client quilts this week)

One adorable baby quilt:

client quilt

The Flirtatious pantograph suited the playful energy of the applique!

One contemporary table runner:

client quilt

I used the Ground Cover panto here.

And, one quilt featuring Hawaiian style motifs.

client quilt

I stitched in ditches and around the applique first, and then added echo quilting in the blocks as a nod to traditional Hawaiian quilts.

A ferny feather in the outside border relates to the ferny print in the blocks.

Folded up and ready to go home.

It feels great to be back in the studio full time, though it will feel even better when this head cold takes a hike. (My toddling grandson so generously shared this bug - ugh!)

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  1. Oh that frog quilt is so cute. And I'm sure any child up to at least 6 years of age (if not beyond) would enjoy that. The minky looks lovely - perhaps others who use it might have some thoughts about it popping through but certainly so minor not a concern.

  2. Very interesting about the minky getting pulled to the fount. Jasmine from Quilt Kisses uses minky a lot for her quilt backings; maybe she has some insight for you?

  3. Lots of pretty eye candy here this week! As for the minky, I suppose you don't use any basting spray, right? I use it and sometimes weird things happen with the thread when I stitch through areas where the spray is heavier. You're right, though, the toddler won't notice a little thing like that, just the big green awesome frog!!

  4. It's actually quite smart to gift a baby quilt when Baby is a bit older - You avoid all of the newborn spit up and poop messes, so fewer washings (in HOT water, if the mom is anything like me...) so the quilt will last considerably longer being gifted just a bit late(r) :-)

  5. When I first started reading I thought pulls would disappear with washing, too. Hmmm. You're right though, the little one won't care, and that darling quilt will go through quite a bit, I'm sure.

  6. Check for dust under your needle leaves a lot of extra lint and can cause all kinds of trouble.
    Beautiful quilts.lovely work.


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