Monday, 12 February 2018

Hear Me Roar!

Always accept a challenge. You never know what you can do until you stretch!

I've seen this Jungle Abstractions Lion beautifully quilted using a ton of ruler work, but that wasn't quite the right approach for this quilter.

So. I decided to create something to suit my crazy freehand style instead!
(And, hopefully speed up the process and keep the quilting affordable for my client, too!)

First I looked at some photos of real lions to observe their markings, ears, and manes.
Inspired, I decided to start with some "nostrils", "whiskers", and the spotty area between the nose and the mouth.

I kept the lines in the face fairly graphic and uniform so they would contrast with the flowing motif I had planned for the mane.

The contrast in style helped define the face so it wouldn't become visually "lost" in the composition.

And, Oh My Gosh! I love the mane!!!

The eyes didn't need expressive quilting - ditching secured the piecing without interfering with their built in "sparkle".

What to do with the dark shapes at the edge of the mane? Pretend they're "shadows" and repeat the zigzag motif used on the upper lip!

This quilt finished at about five feet, square.
(chair included for scale - not because it's beautiful! ha!)

Oh, and the backing is perfect!

Now for my favourite part - the BEFORE and AFTER shots!

Before Quilting:

After Quilting:

OH, and the quilt that waited and waited? Also finished!

Every ditch was stitched to give a crisp finish to the seams.

As its owner said - we make a great team! (I'm so happy she's pleased!)

ROAR! What a great start to my week!!!

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  1. What a grrreat way to start the week!

  2. I liked that you looked at photos of lions. It's amazing how much research can go into a project! Beautiful quilting on both quilts.

  3. What a fabulous way to start the week, indeed! I love that the lion's face stands out so clearly based on your quilting. Perfection!

  4. I love this one!! You did such a fabulously amazingly spectacular job on it!! You must have felt pretty darn chuffed when you pulled it off the frame. All the heart eyes....(how many hours did you spend on it?)

  5. OMG, that is SO DANG MUCH FUN! And those eyes are awesome - kudos to you for capturing the essence of the lion with your selective quilting. Fun, fun, fun!

  6. Love it, Carole!! You did such a great job choosing motifs for whiskers, mane, nose, shadows! And the blue/green quilt is gorgeous, too. I wanna quilt like you when I grow up :)

  7. Were you singing, "I am Quilter, Hear me Roar"? Stunning work. I appreciate the chair for scale. I didn't realize how big it was. And who are you kidding? That chair is beautiful. lol

  8. Wowza Wowza! I am so inspired by the piecing, fabrics, and quilting. I love the colors in the eyes. They sparkle.

  9. Hey Carole.....your choice of quilting designs on the Lion is wonderful, perfectly executed. Thanks for giving us a peek at your work.
    My Best To You,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  10. Wow! Your quilting on both are gorgeous. I especially love the contrast between the geometric face and feathered mane.

  11. I love your quilting design choices, and it's beautifully done!


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