Saturday, 24 February 2018

Uh oh. Another Fiber Addiction???

I know. Eleventy-billion projects already on the go . . .
But, a wet felting workshop called my name . . . and I had to listen! (wouldn't you???)

After a test piece to learn the process, we had time to make a small composition.
I created a scene from my imagination, rolling, pulling, layering, and teasing fibers into place, excited to see what would happen next!

Composing with wool

Ohmygosh, I LOVED that part of the process!

After watering, agitating, and hardening, my little pile of fibers became a piece of felt!

My felted landscape

This process is so fast, compared to quilting! And equally engaging. I could be in trouble here. Ha!

Luckily, supplies are simple and readily available. It's the wool roving that would need to be gathered and hoarded. Which opens the door to collecting silk fibers and other embellishments. Oh, my!

I've started with ordering a book about combining wet felting and stitch . . . aaaaannnnd now I'm officially hooked! :-)

In the Studio

It's Youth Challenge time again!
My granddaughter has made her plan, and was able to pull most of the fabric she'll need from her own stash!

To keep things fair, her work will remain under wraps until after the viewer's choice vote in April. Suffice it to say, she will be a regular studio guest for the next few weeks - yay!

From brain to paper!

I've continued working small, trimming a whole lot of one-inch hst's. (more on this later)

Tiny trimming!

And, finally, a "before and after" of a pretty client quilt:

Client quilt, before quilting

And, after quilting - Fireworks panto

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  1. Your fiber piece of art is beautiful! Your fireworks quilting too

  2. Your fiber piece is lovely, but I can't see the stitch part here though, how am I missing it or is that a step further? Also, you mentioned a book about wet felting and stitch . . . can you name it for us? I have done (dry) needle felting with an embellisher machine as well as by hand with a myriad of roving and other fibers - and I also do quilting - would like to see the wet felting and stitch combined. Thanks

  3. Hi Rachel, I can't reply via email because you're address isn't available to me (it is marked "no reply"), so I hope you check back some day and see this note!
    You're right - I haven't yet stitched my felted piece. I'd like to try some stitching on my test piece first, but my experimentation has to wait until I catch up on a few other projects. In the meantime, ART IN FELT AND STITCH, will be winging its way here. I'm looking forward to gleaning what I can from someone else's experience so I won't have to learn everything the hard way! (Not that "the hard way" has stopped me before - ha!) Thanks for visiting, and happy stitching to you!

  4. Your little landscape is very cool! I can see how it would be fun to twist and turn the tufts :) Looking forward to seeing more felting, although I'll probably only felt accidentally myself when a sweater ends up in the dryer...

  5. Oh you gave us something to look forward to from your garndaughter!! I can't wait.
    And isn't it amazing how quilting really transform a quilt. I do like that pantograph.

  6. The felt process sounds very intriguing. I know you'll be enjoying your special time with your granddaughter in your studio, and I look forward to voting and seeing what she creates!


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