Monday, 8 June 2020

Quilts, With A Side of Spring

Since my last post, spring has sprung and we're loving how green everything is. There's nothing quite like growing a bit of food and a few flowers to soothe the soul.

Apple blossoms on our little tree - yay!

We began with a weedy mud pit three years ago, and have worked in stages to install structural elements, trees & shrubs, grass & mulch, planters & a perennial bed, and - this year - a sweet, little greenhouse!

The greenhouse came in a flat pack with absolutely nothing pre-assembled; not even the louvered ventilation window. Worse than Ikea, and that's saying something!

First, though, we needed to build a sturdy base to support the greenhouse. "We" being my capable husband, that is.

Okay, I helped a bit.

We used my 60° quilting ruler and a string to mark out the hexagon shape needed for the base.
(My idea, my ruler, and I held the string! ha!)

Quilting ruler to the rescue!

Once we had the base moved into place, my husband decided to assemble the greenhouse while I carried on quilting. He deserves a medal for managing that without extra hands - trust me!

Now for the QUiLTinG!!!
  • A sweet bunny quilt, stitched with hearts (per its owner's request) and wonky, whimsical "lettuce leaves" (because I thought a rabbit would appreciate being surrounded by good eats!)

I added a quilted carrot in the bunny's grasp, just for fun.

Client quilt - back view

  • A crisp, modern table runner, quilted with "something swirly" (also a request, and I aim to please!).

  • A gorgeous appliqued quilt, made cosy with a fireside backing and finished with a feathery pantograph.

Bountiful Feathers pantograph

  • A "zigzag with heart" quilt that looks amazing with a swirly texture.

  • A comfort quilt destined for Japan (shown with permission).

  • A calming, bubbly, strip quilt.

Bubbles pantograph

Some people ask if I'll piece their backing (I will) & binding (yes), and then apply their binding to the front of the quilt so they can relax and hand stitch it to the back (you bet!). Some folks like their binding 100% done (which I'm happy to do by machine) so they take home a finished quilt! An hourly fee applies, but if it gets a quilt over the finish line, it's well worth it!

Finished binding by machine

  • A heart design looks great on this strippy quilt.

Amour pantograph

Also bound and ready to go!

  • A custom quilted beauty. I love the secondary designs created by the arcs and x's.

  • A "splashy" wall hanging.

To allow the snails' shells to puff up a bit, I simply stitched in the ditch around the "arms" of the pieced swirls. I also ditched around their little bodies.

  • A super cute "Dogs in Sweaters" quilt with an equally fun label on the back!

Contempo pantograph

The label's pieced into the back - you can see the printing on the right (just showing a sliver to preserve my client's privacy).

Now, back to SpriNg!

This photo was taken three weeks ago. There were no leaves on our aspen trees at that point, and it was still below freezing at night. We used a little heater to keep our plants happy.

We set a post into a pot of concrete to hold a header that feeds a drip system for the greenhouse planter (added after this photo was taken), and the hose with a hand nozzle (shown). The yellow hose along the fence feeds the system from the house. This is so much easier than dragging around a hundred foot hose every day!

Our annuals have been planted out and the greenhouse planters are left with tomatoes, peppers and zucchinis - all of which are starting to flower!

We are thankful to be in our own little bubble right now, but it doesn't mean we aren't watching the world and considering our role in the bigger picture. There is much to consider.

As always,

Try, Learn, Grow!


  1. Love the greenhouse! Ah - such lovely stuff. So much great quilting! I love the added carrot for the bunny. That comfort quilt is really neat. Thanks for sharing - a lovely bit of uplifting stuff.

  2. As usual, your lovely quilting really enhances these well-made quilts! So many wonderful designs and now I want to make at least three of them. Your little green house is just cute as a bug's ear :)

  3. You know what they say about needing a great foundation before building. Good thing you were there to lead the way!! As usual, your quilting is gorgeous and I finally "got" the difference between custom quilting and pantograph. I have to say my fave was the dachshund. I think your spring came like our from frozen night to POP! Enjoy the green.....

  4. There is definitely much to consider. Lovely greenhouse and quilting. Be well, Carole!

  5. What a great quilt show this was this morning - looking at all your stitching goodness! The carrot with the bunny is awesome. High Five for your husband and his skills (women like men with skills, you know)! I think that many of us will have had projects that will be referenced in our minds as COVID projects, or Sheltering In Place Projects. This time will be a reference point for all of us. Glad you are well, active and will be healthy with all those fresh veggies!

  6. all are beautiful and the quilting is spectacular ---love them all

  7. Your quilting is as gorgeous as ever. So much eye candy in one post. I especially love the bunny quilt.

  8. My goodness - you have been busy!! beautiful work, as always. My favorite if, of course the custom quilted stars. Did you anticipate that secondary design, or were you pleasantly surprised by it?


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