Sunday, 15 September 2019

In a Nut Shell

Look what hung in the Quilts of Valour booth in Edmonton at Creativ Festival!
(Thank you, Carol, for binding the thing!)

Pictured are Todd (Edmonton QofV Rep) and Trish (Todd's spouse). Shared with their permission.

The booth had seemed finished when I dropped quilts in the morning. Spotting my work on the wall that afternoon absolutely made my day!

Creativ Festival is a shopping extravaganza for quilters, and I was on the hunt for border options for the baby quilt I'm making. Out of the ten fabrics I bought, this cinnamon coloured linen is the winner:

Quilty activities this week have included: 
  • giving a presentation at Creativ Festival on entering a quilt in a juried show
  • agreeing to be the jury coordinator for the 2020 CQA National Juried Show
  • quilt-y photo shoot with a friend who intends to enter the National Juried Show
  • teaching a Violet Craft "abstractions" paper piecing class in High Prairie (great fun!)
  • first guild meeting of the year (yay!)
  • coaching four more guild mates on the longarm = four more charity quilts ready to bind!

Aralee's turn at the frame for charity!

Non-quilty things included 
  • time with our littlest grandson. (we love him so much!)
Our littlest guy is now old enough to play on his own while I load a quilt. He's growing up so fast!
  • lending a hand at the bowling alley - our daughter's newest venture, which she and Chad are doing on a shoestring. (My husband, Chuck, and I offer free labour that's always welcome!)
  • watering flowers, aka, flower therapy.
Flowering garlic chives

Love the texture of this fuzzy leafed show stopper!

That's my crazy life, in a nut shell!

Until next time, 

Try, Learn, & Grow!

P.S. I'm also on Instagram under my blog name, freshofftheframe, where life and quilting mix.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Summer Lovin'

Summer fun is drawing to a close, but what a summer it was!

Holiday in Sisters, Oregon - woohoo!!

I'd registered for a class with Rosalie Dace, but she was refused at the border and had to fly home to South Africa instead of teaching. The legendary FREDDY MORIN came out of retirement to step in.

Freddy Moran in the Teachers' Tent @ Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
I've long admired this person. Basically, I want to be Freddy when I grow up!

I also took a workshop with June Jaeger on painting with inks. Here's my work in progress:

Learning how to control the ink...
The outdoor quilt show was gorgeous. I love the setting as much as I love the quilts!

The Stitchin Post @ Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, 2019
Carolyn Friedlander toured us through her quilts on Sunday morning at the spectacular Five Pines Lodge.

Carolyn shares her thoughts
I really didn't know her work prior to this event, but her stories inspired me - I love to hear the thinking behind creative endeavours. 

I picked up one of her books, and look what I'm working on now!

Carolyn Friedlander's Bulls Eye technique - I'm making a baby quilt!

in Between All The Summer Things , my studio hummed along with a mix of client quilts...

(See more yummy client quilts at the bottom of this post!)

. . . and helping friends do their own thang!

My friend is quilting for the first time, for her first grandbaby! Quilt #1

Janet finished Quilt #2, as well!

Brynne tackled ruler work AND free motion quilting on her first project - amazing!


a few charity quilts were completed, as well:

Margaret's first time at the frame = guild charity quilt

There's room for two quilt tops on each piece of backing fabric, so I just kept going after Margaret left. 

Hug Block quilt for Quilts of Valour, Canada = finished!

Pieced by quilters in Edmonton area for Quilts of Valour, Canada = finished!

Pieced by quilters in Edmonton area for Quilts of Valour, Canada = finished!

Add in visits from friends & family, camping, jaunts to the city, landscaping projects, and a couple of major family illnesses ( stressful when loved ones are suffering), and summer whooshed by.

Here's hoping autumn brings more sunny days and peaceful times to savour!

Try, Learn & Grow!

P.S. Here are a few of the Yummy Client Quilts I promised to share!

Ladybug panto

Simple custom

Fantasy Flame panto

Modern Twist panto

Wrought Iron panto

Whirls panto

Jessie's Swirls panto

Flirtateous panto

Butterfly Charm panto