Monday, 15 May 2017

The Zen of Moving, and Other Stories

UFO Rescue Mission!
I had nothing - NOTHING - to take for my Guild's Sewing Saturday last weekend. (Really!)

Honestly, my choices were limited by self imposed restrictions.
  • Some projects are awkward to cart around (,
  • I refuse to drag too much *stuff* with me, and
  • I never take something that requires too much concentration, 'cause a girl's gotta be able to socialize!
Of course I decided to pack at midnight the night before, so I turned to my UFO pile in desperation.
Found a little gem I'd forgotten about!

"Sunshine and Vines" challenge UFO
It started life as a challenge project in 2013, but was abandoned - with only fleeting regret - when my husband booked an unexpected holiday to Mexico! (Our second, ever, holiday without our kids - See ya, deadline!)

I was so close to the finish line - the thing was already sandwiched and ready to quilt. Perfect for a Sewing Saturday project! All I needed to pack were my machine and some black thread!

I didn't quite finish on Saturday, but it's close. I'll keep you posted! :-)

Fresh off the Frame
I sooo love "frame shots" of quilts in progress. A person can really see the quilting when the light is right!
Petal Pushers panto in progress
It was a gloomy, rainy week, but this cheery client quilt certainly brightened things up!

Client quilt

My next client chose a warm, earthy palette - and it is gorgeous. The black lends a sophisticated touch, and effectively highlights the showy print featured in the quilt.

Client quilt

Piecing on the back also shows off that beautiful print.

Quilt back

A passing illness derailed my quilting plans for a few days, but I'm feeling better this week. Onward and upward!

House Update
Here's a peek into my studio through the door that separates it from the rest of the house. Oh, my gosh! I was so scared of the colour, but I *LOVE* it!!!

New studio colour!

It's all about paint, plumbing, and light fixtures at the moment. (We now have working sinks and toilets - so exciting!)

Front entry fixture, newly installed!

'Scuse the mess! Counters and flooring are still covered for protection, and there are details that still need finishing, but it's starting to come together!  (Yep, the fireplace wall is purple!!!)

Kitchen pendants, also newly installed!

Things are happening outside, too.

Hardie board going up!

I'm still not packing, but I'm not worried.
Things will unfold as they should, when they should.

In the meantime, I'll continue quilting until it's time to move. And then I will move. ;-)
(To everything - turn, turn, turn...)

Try, Learn, & Grow!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Quilting Feline Friends

Simple borders and a panel came together to make a truly striking quilt.

Client quilt

I forgot to take a proper "before" photo, so this will have to do - the borders were ditched, but the panel wasn't started.

"Before" quilting the panel

A moment of uncertainty struck as I pondered what to stitch, and what to leave. In the end I decided to outline everything. Including those teeny, tiny bees! (How could I not?)

Starting to outline the images

Accuracy was important on the cats' faces and on the insects, but on the flowers and leaves I deliberately "missed" a tiny bit to add a sketchy sense of movement.
To make the red frame puff out, I quilted a pretend frame around it. I like how the flower on the left overlaps the pretend frame, yet is separated by it.

This view shows the panel after quilting. I left the red frames unquilted so they would puff up and help highlight the cats.

Since a variety of designs were used in the panel, I felt free to have fun in the borders, too!

My client says it is Purr-fect! (Which made my day on so many levels!) :-D

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