Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Art Quilt Campus 2017

Working shoulder to shoulder with other art quilters is usually inspiring and motivating, and this year's AQC group did not disappoint! Amazingly creative people gathered from across Canada for a chance to share in this camaraderie, and it was a beautiful thing. :)

Anna Hergert facilitated the experience, and I'm grateful to have been a participant in this "invitation only" event.
(Follow this link to Anna's blog for photos of various goings on!)

St. Peter's Abbey - our home away from home for the week. (I took this photo last year - we had sunnier skies this year!)

Out of respect, I kept my camera pointed at my own work. Unfortunately, my project is currently in "stealth mode", but rest assured - I'll blab about it later!

In the meantime, I'll share some pictures I made after Anna introduced the idea of  Nalanda Miksang photography.


Anna led an exercise in recognizing "Moments of Perception".


Right up my alley!


I had fun making abstract compositions for the rest of the week!


Light and shadows, reflection and glow, lines and angles, oh my!


I felt something click in my brain when I read the Miksang book I'd borrowed from Anna.


I could feel myself moving from "documenting" to "art making".


It matters not what the subject is, but what we see when noticing those moments of perception.


Moments are fleeting - there, and gone - as the light changes.

Rather like life.

It's up to us to grab those beautiful moments before they disappear!

Fresh off the Frame

We are 100% moved and I'm pleased to announce that my new studio is officially up and running, full speed ahead!

Youth Challenge - 2nd Place Winner!

I'm pleased to report that my granddaughter's quilt won second place in the judged competition for her age group!

The P R Bridge, by Laina

The challenge theme was "Your Place in Canada", and the challenge fabric was the red batik Laina used for her speedboat.

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Laina!!!

Try, Learn, & Grow!