Friday, 10 November 2017

From Reindeer to Picasso!

The Festival of Trees 2017 theme is "Sparkle of Hope". I thought I'd keep things light by featuring Rudolph and his nose - a sparkle of hope for children awaiting a visit from Santa!

Modified from a design by Linda Sullivan, published in McCall's Quick Quilts, January 2006
This is an adaptation of a table runner pattern I'd torn from a magazine some time ago. The original design featured three reindeer, but I wanted to make something smaller and more affordable for families to bid on in the silent auction, so pared it down to one. (The best one, of course!)

Also, I didn't actually have the pullout part of the pattern, so drew my Rudolph to look similar to the one in the magazine. Wingin' it, as usual!

I decided to add a bit more sparkle with foiled stars, but they looked a bit . . . unfinished . . . to my eye.

Foiled stars look a bit underwhelming at this point
Since I'd "sketchy stitched" the applique, I thought I'd take a risk and outline the foil in the same manner. I think it improved things. (Whew!)

Outlined and improved (in my opinion!)

Hope this little guy goes to a good home (and raises a few bucks - haha, bucks - for a good cause!)

"Waiting for Rudolph" is ready to donate.

I was home for a week, and then off to Saskatoon to help judge their biennial quilt show. With this judging experience, I now have enough credits to be eligible to take the final judge certification exam in June. Yay!

Because I was busy, I didn't take many pictures, but - oh man - just look at this crazy quilt!
It wasn't in my judging area so I didn't see it until the next day, but it sure caught my eye as I buzzed through the show. I HAD to go in for a closer look!

Modern Crazy Quilt, by Maxine South

Here's a picture of the tag, along with a glimpse of the type of hand work that covers the quilt's surface!

Loads of detailed hand work covers the surface of this quilt.

Its maker decided to tie the layers together - but you wouldn't know it unless you looked at the back.

Ties were only visible on the back of the quilt.

The Guild provided disposable gloves to every viewer as they entered the show. Mine came in handy (haha - hand-y! ~ Okay, it's official. I'm a goofball...~) a number of times, and I saw many others using theirs, too. What a clever way to encourage viewers to respect the quilts!

In addition to everything else, the Guild Market was quite impressive. Naturally there were a few things I simply couldn't resist! (OF COURSE I need three more pincushions...who wouldn't when they are this gorgeous!)

Treasures made by skilled hands

My fellow judge and travel companion, Elinor, presented a trunk show on Saturday morning. Here she is, mingling with some of the quilters who crowded in to admire her work.

Elinor Burwash and some of her quilts.

Always time for ART, of course!
Saskatoon has a spankin' new modern art gallery (Remai Modern), which happened to have a Picasso lino cut exhibit in one of its galleries. What luck!

Picasso at Remai

This newbie, wanna-be lino-printer smiled all the way through this exhibit!

Picasso - I wish there had been tags with the prints. I dubbed this row of prints, "descent into hell". Each print was more and more altered, down the line, until the final print looked like it could be the devil. Intriguing.

In fact, this exhibit sparked an idea for an upcoming challenge in my art quilting group. Woohoo!

I enjoyed seeing the change in Picasso's work over time (the exhibit was hung in chronological order). Here is a print from 1959:

Picasso, 17.10.59

And one from 1965:

Picasso, 12.9.65

Quite a change over time!

As always,

Try, Learn, & Grow!