Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Studio Gone Wild!

. . . if you count one moose as going wild, that is!

The top was pieced with the batting attached as a stabilizer. The sashing is a thick minky that might otherwise have been hard to control. Its seams laid perfectly, thanks to this clever idea.

I basted the layers together down the entire quilt before adding anything fancy.

I then outlined the moose and worked UP the central panel, outlining the tracks as I went. My client mentioned that she envisioned that long panel as a pathway, so I quilted it accordingly.

I like working from the center, out, to prevent weird ripples and pleats on the quilt back. This is ESPECIALLY important when the back shows EVERYTHING!

Leaves and branches seemed like a good fit for a moose, so that's what I quilted!

After the blocks were filled, the sashing looked a bit wobbly, so I stitched beside it to crisp everything up. I had to work freehand because it was so thick a ruler would have been a hazard. I'm glad to have done it - the sashing settled back into place perfectly!

I left the extra backing intact around the perimeter of the quilt. My client plans to wrap it to the front as binding for a soft, cuddly finish.

The front of the quilt is appealing, but I can't get enough of looking at the BACK - I love all that texture!!!

I'm easily amoosed! (pfft - I'm such a goof!)

OH, and Foxy Feet were spotted beside another pretty client quilt.
How's THAT for WILD??? ha!

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