Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Falling into Fun!

Fall equals plenty of guild activities, which means plenty of fun things to do!

First up - The Quilted Postcard Challenge (please click the link for details) - a fundraiser for the Glenrose Pediatric Brain Injury Unit in Edmonton. 

I made this card, and then prepared a couple more at different stages of completion as samples for a guild Postcard Party. By April we hope to send a nice, fat package of cards for the cause!

Next up - a team building activity - people could visit my studio and help quilt a batch of guild charity quilts. Several people jumped right in, and together we finished 11 quilts!

Everyone ROCKED IT on the longarm, in their turn!

And then - Hanging by a Thread - our annual gallery show, with its opening night activities. A few of us usually bring projects to work on as a way to engage with visitors and promote quilting as a fun activity.

Hanging by a Thread, opening night
I used the time to finish stuffing my donation to the local Women's Shelter's "Festival of Trees" (their annual fundraiser).

Violet Craft's paper-pieced bunny block, turned into a pillow

And, finally, our guild was invited to help commemorate our town's 100th anniversary by contributing something to the town's time capsule. The capsule will be sealed this December, and stored until its opening ceremony in 50 years!

After consulting with the town, we decided to make postcards showcasing the nature of our beautiful river valley. It's a good tie-in with the concept of climate change - a current international focus. 

Valley Peacemakers Quilt Guild accordion book, sans cover

I joined the cards into an accordion book so it will stand up as a display item when it eventually reappears. Meanwhile, it will fold into a tiny packet and not take up too much space in the capsule.

This is my personal contribution:

These rose hips and glowing leaves were observed on a river walk with my mom

Yep, I wrote a poem.

Tomorrow I'll make the front cover, and then it will be ready to go - two whole days before the deadline!!! woohoo!

In addition to guild activities, I've met a number of studio goals and deadlines.

Every once in a while I will accept a commission involving a fur coat and family memories. These projects are messy and time consuming, but the results are always very special. 

Heirloom bear and pillows

Monogram from the coat's lining

And, there are always quilts, wonderful quilts!

Custom quilting

Feathers and lines combine to enhance the design

"Slick" pantograph

"Modern Twist" pantograph

"Ripples" pantograph

Add in grandchildren (*love*), sporadic volunteering at the bowling alley (our daughter's family business), surviving a fall cold (just. ugh.), CQA duties (lots to do!), and oh my! No wonder the world is spinning so fast! Luckily, most has fallen under the heading, Life is Good.

Here's hoping you've FALLen into a big pile-o-fun, yourself!

As always,

Try, Learn, & Grow!