Sunday, 23 November 2014

Back in Business

Encoder troubles slowed me down this week, but not for long. Instead of having to wait for a part to come from the USA, my dealer lent me one off a studio machine. His goal was to get me up and running as quickly as possible. When my new part does arrive, we will swap again. Now that's excellent service! Thank you Sparrow Studioz!

'Flower Power' was on the frame for a few extra days until things were sorted, but it's owner was very understanding.

'Flower Power' (client quilt)

As if 'Flower Power' wasn't enough, here's more proof that the prettiest quilts come across my frame!

client quilt, fresh off the frame!
The next quilt went out the door so quickly there wasn't time to properly photograph the finished quilt, which is a shame. It has minky on the back, and will make a wonderful cuddle quilt!

My Secret Santa table runners are coming along. I can get three runners from a meter of seasonal fabric. I hope to make a total of six sets (18 runners) for the program...I know it's ambitious, but I'm gonna try! The first and second sets are finished (6 runners), so I'm a third of the way there.

Set ONE (one runner shown, but there are two more just like it)

Set TWO (all three of these are now bound and ready to go)

Machine binding has helped speed things up. I cut the binding at 2 1/4" wide, and attach it to the front of the quilt as usual. I then baste the binding to the back of the quilt using glue (Roxanne's Glue Baste It). A final round of stitch-in-the-ditch from the front of the quilt finishes the job. Slick.

The Hugs From Across Canada blocks I volunteered to make into a quilt are still waiting, but I do have a plan for the layout. I've decided to make a strong center for the quilt by using the darkest blocks in that position. I will start sewing today - yay!

Blocks for the quilt center

It was a crazy week around here with work, family and social activities. Between birthday celebrations, lunches out, school visits, company, cooking, cleaning, and quilting, I was wishing there were two of me! How is everyone else doing it all??? *deep breath*

Had a quick lunch at school with my granddaughter. Who could say no to that??? :-)
I love that she is as happy to see me as I am to see her!
Do you set priorities? 

I have, but sometimes it's hard to keep them straight. I am trying hard to keep my work schedule reasonable. (It is my own personality that makes it difficult, not my clients!) Having a home based business makes it too easy to work all. the. time.

I've posted a reminder where I can see it, and it does help.
  1. Health (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  2. Spouse (and family)
  3. Wealth (work is important, but not at the expense of the first priorities)

What are your priorities, and how do you keep on track?

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

HOPpY Alberta Day!

Blogathon Canada hoppers, welcome to Alberta!

The weather I dream of, now that winter is here...this was taken in September.
Typically I blog about current projects, but today it seems like a good idea to show bits of work from the past year. 

As you will notice, I quilt everything to death. I can't help myself! All that quilty texture makes me weak in the knees!

Kool Kaleidoscope
CLICK HERE for more about this quilt
For more about these projects, please click on the links provided with the pictures.

Crazy Curves quilt
See more about it HERE

Scrappy Plus
To see it finished, CLICK HERE

River Project panel

Hand dyes
More about that in THIS POST

The start of Irish Lass
Piecing it HERE
CLICK HERE for the finished quilt

Thanks for stopping by today. Please have a good snoop around! Tabs at the top and labels in the side bar make it easy to do just that!

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Canadian Quilters Connect!

"Blogathon Canada" kicks off today at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop

For a whole week, connect with 100's of Canadian bloggers, enter giveaways, and maybe even make a few new friends. (Find the links to a multitude of bloggers in the Host bloggers' posts).

Click the button and begin your journey in British Columbia.

Sew Sisters Blog

Visit the hop daily to see where it takes you next!

Hoar frost on my lilac.

Remember to poke around in older posts and look through galleries while you're cruisin' around!

For example, you can see my current finishes, and some of my own designs by clicking these links, or you can snoop around my blog using the archive or labels in my side bar.

Also, this link takes you to a post of important what kind of machines I use, and what kind of goofball I am! :-P

Now, go hop...and whatever you do, have fun!!!

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P.S. What is quilting without chocolate, I ask???

It is so DANGEROUSLY good!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Christmas Crunch is On

That means a pile of gorgeous client quilts has arrived! 

I've practically lived at my frame this week, making sure deadlines will be met. If I lag behind now, things will get ugly later - and we can't have that!

The variety of quilts passing through my hands is so enjoyable. I love all the different colours and styles. 

Here is Darlene's batik beauty, fresh off the frame.

Here is one of Marie's quilts, all trimmed and ready to bind. I have been eyeballing this one, trying to figure out how it is pieced. It looks complex, but it's simpler than one would think! Cool beans!

Another of Marie's quilts. This one features beautiful, textured, stretchy, Japanese fabrics...! Marie said it was frustrating to work with, and "never again" will she piece with it!

Despite the challenges, it looks great quilted with the Seagrass Braid panto.


Currently on the frame - a lively quilt with a retro feel!

On the frame today

And, for my next trick...(haha!)

My sweet husband mentioned that his company is initiating a Secret Santa program. It's intended to offer a seasonal lift to employees experiencing difficult life circumstances. 

I know how encouraging it is to be on the receiving end of a care package, so it took all of three seconds to blurt my support!!! 

Since we were still in the city when this conversation took place, we immediately headed to the quilt shop. I had an idea that might work! 

Hubby helped choose six feature fabrics from the seasonal display, and I found suitable backings in the bargain bin.

My big plan is to quilt one meter chunks of seasonal fabrics, like this...

...and then cut the quilted chunks into three runner-sized pieces, like this...

...bind them and call them done! 
 I think they will add a bit of cheer to the care packages.

Deadline: December 1st. (eep!)

Did I mention that I've finally finished piecing my Harmony Quilt (a.k.a. Crazy Impulse Quilt), started back in September? 

Well, it's true! See? It even has borders!

After quilting, the diagonal edges will fold back and become 3-D curves.
I also pieced a backing and a flange binding. 

Flange binding, ready to go!

My tentative plan is to quilt this on the frame, and possibly finish the 3-D curves with the longarm, as well. 

If that is a total disaster (entirely possible), I'll do the curves on my domestic machine instead. (It's always wise to have a plan B, isn't it?)

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

November Quilt Show

Please enjoy a few more quilts from our November show!

Of particular note today is a quilt made by Shonna Lagace, whose paternal grandfather served from 1916-1919, and her father from 1944-1946. Shonna says, "The day we pay homage to our service men and women has always been a significant day for me."

This quilt reminds us to pause and say thank you to those (past, present, and future) who protect our way of life.

Designed by H. Corinne Hewitt.
This pattern was featured in the Autumn CQA/ACC magazine.
Shonna also made this delightful, dimensional piece that she embellished with silk flowers.

Here are some of the kaleidos that were started in our guild-sponsored workshop with Kim Caskey. 
See them under construction in this fun post! The difference is astonishing!

Designed and pieced by Carol Scobey, quilted by Chris Warne

Designed and pieced by Hildegard Campsall, quilted by Chris Warne

Designed, pieced, and quilted by Vivian Massier

Designed, pieced, and quilted by Chris Warne
Designed, pieced, and quilted by Carole Gold (moi!)
To see the quilting on my kaleido, please click here
The spotlight in the gallery flattens the texture, but it IS yummy...I promise!

There are so many beautiful quilts in the show...

Though it's tempting, I don't want to show everything and spoil the show for people visiting in here is the last little peek I'm going to give ya!

'Irish Lass' is hanging around waiting for visitors!
My Irish Lass had been rolled up for months waiting for this show!
Click here to see more photos of Irish Lass on the day she was finished.

On another note, my new pantos have arrived!

A couple of these were suggested by friends after being spotted at the High Prairie quilt show (thanks, ladies!), and the rest were chosen to add a bit of variety to my collection. I'm always open to new designs.

Click on the "Finish YOUR Quilts!" tab at the top of the page (or take a shortcut and click here) to see the other designs in my collection.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Has it only been a week???

Sooo....a lot has happened since my last post!

I ran off to Edmonton for a few days to participate as a special model in the Fashion With Compassion fundraiser. It was a whirlwind of activity!

Ten former guests, myself included, represented women sheltered by Compassion House while being treated for breast cancer.

Someone's hubby took a photo of us before we dressed for the event. Even though it's a bit blurry, I like it! We all look relaxed and happy.

L to R: Trudy, Caron, Marty, Susan B., me (red purse), Elaine, Colleen, Virginia, Tracy, Sayler (House Manager), & Susan T.

...and here is the "after" shot: all gussied up! What an amazing day with an amazing group of women.

The actual fashion models were all over 6 feet tall and extremely slender! Behind the scenes, clothes were ripped off and replaced in record time as models rotated through. The children were adorably shy backstage, but surprisingly assured on the catwalk!

There are tons of photos in the Compassion House Foundation Flickr stream if you would like a taste of the show. 

Before I left home I'd finished a couple of client quilts. First, a pretty "jelly roll race" strip quilt...

...and then a cuddly, personalized baby quilt with minky on the back - lucky baby Owen!

While I was away our Guild quilt show went up in the library's art gallery. Today was my first chance to visit and take pictures. I love how our river challenge turned out!

Several members had never attempted art quilting before this challenge, but you'd never know it! 

Some pieces were inspired by local experiences, legend, or history, and others by far flung memories or pure imagination.

"The Revenge of Twelve Foot Davis", by Bev Pichette

Margaret Stewart's Sunday paddle

Carol Scobey's country scene

by Vivian Massier

"The Technicolor Dream", by Aralee Tailleur

Lois Laurin's railway view

Liz Daigle's fond memories

"The Eagles are Gone", by Hildegard Campsall

"Old English Country", by Jill Wood

"Inukshuk", by Carole Gold (that's me!)

Alice Olson's scenic Alberta

Chris Warne's view from home

by Dayna Frank

What a wonderful variety of styles and stories! 

Here is a panoramic view of the wall. To give you a sense of scale, my Inukshuk piece is 17 inches wide by 35 inches tall.

And now that I'm back, here is today's client quilt, fresh off the frame.

"Bluster" panto

Before I sign off, it's time to set a November goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes. I've decided my goal is to piece a top using the Quilts of Valour blocks shown in this post.

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