Thursday, 26 March 2020

Virtual Studio Tour - Come on in!

As we collectively weather covid19, I'm thankful every day that my home studio is my shelter.

This is my commute.
That's a bathroom door on the right, and the stairway to our grandkid's Bunkie on the left.

The old photos are of my maternal grandmother's maternal grandparents. My great greats.
I silently thank my ancestors every day for their hard work. It's on their backs that my family survived and thrived.

The china cabinet was my grandma's favourite. It lived in her kitchen for 30+ years. It holds memories.

As I enter, to my right is my longarm and a wonderful workspace with lots of storage. A french patio door provides extra light, ventilation, and passage into our back garden. A string of prayer flags adds colour and energy to that end of the room.

My IKEA island holds longarm necessities, and my binder of work orders lives on top. Further along is an embellisher (needle felting machine) and an extra sewing machine that my grandchildren use. They love to sew and quilt!

Pantographs are stored in the big drawers.

Clients can flip through an alphabetized binder of panto designs, and I know where to dig for the ones they want to look at.

Tucked in behind the hallway bathroom is a walk in closet! Lucky me!! Among other things, it holds my quilting library, batting scraps, some of my finished quilts, some of my tops that need quilting (an embarrassing number!), and client quilts waiting their turn.

My longarm thread racks hang behind the longarm, immediately beside the closet door. We came in the glass door shown in the photo.

Here's a shot facing the french doors. You can see the closet door just beyond the thread rack.

Starting at the glass door again, to the left is my personal workspace and the studio's client entrance. That door opens toward our driveway. Park and enter!

Our 80's china cabinet holds my fabric stash and studio television. I actually still love that cabinet! The artwork leaning against the cabinet is my granddaughter's creation. It's on hold while we isolate.

Our matching 80's dining table makes an excellent cutting table. My husband added a riser to make it the perfect height.

Plastic drawers tucked under the table hold scraps sorted by colour. I don't sort by size - just chuck everything in. It's surprising how many times I can find just what I need in those bins!

The pieces of blue styrofoam tucked beside the cabinet become my design wall when I need one. I simply stand them side by side against a cabinet for as long as I need, and tuck them out of the way when I'm done.

Here's an overview shot of this end of the room.

The lights in the birdcage are plugged into the same power bar as my iron. If the lights are on, the iron is on. I can't count how many times that's reminded me to shut the darn thing off!

How have I spent my studio time recently?

I've been mentoring grandchildren for the annual CQA Youth Challenge.

This is temporarily on hold as we self isolate. They are so close to the finish's agonizing to have to wait!

I've also been working on challenge projects of my own. Thanks to several event cancellations, I've actually completed THREE challenges this year!

✔I mailed the postcards I showed in my last post for the Postcard Challenge
     (These I can show! Click on the link ↑↑↑ if you'd like to see them.)

✔My Try a Triad challenge piece has been completed and mailed 
      (I can't show you my project, but here's the fabric I used.)

✔My Trend Tex challenge has also been completed and is at its destination - yay!
      (Which must also be kept under wraps until it's judged. Oh, the suspense!!!)

As well, I'm still working behind the scenes on the National Juried Show
There's a lot more to the role of Jury Coordinator than meets the eye. Happily my tasks are nearing completion so I can soon focus on other things.

What about client quilts? Yes. Well. 
Until I learn how to be in two places at once, production will suffer from time to time. 

Client quilt, Jessie's Swirls panto

Now. I have a stack of promises to keep and nowhere else to be, so it's time to sign off and hit the frame! 

If you're also in isolation, how have you been spending your time?
Stay well, and as always,

Try, Learn, & Grow!